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Hotel waterproof television – Specified in Luxury Hotels since 1997.

Did you know Aquavision’s very first order back in 1997, was for a Hotel waterproof television? Over 2 decades later we are still as passionate about the Hospitality industry as we were back then. We believe that luxury is timeless, not throwaway. Our aim is to create innovative, high-performance televisions capable of integration with any matrix or IPTV system, revolutionising boutique televisions for luxury hotels.

Why should you install an Aquavision hotel waterproof television in your hotel?

We respect that our hotel waterproof televisions are built into walls and as such, do make up part of the overall interior design of a hotel suite.

As technology moves at speed, we support all of our previous products and are the only company that provide upgrades to fit in the original cut-out. This means minimal disruption with no requirement to close down a suite, simply swap out with no fuss. All Aquavision hotel waterproof televisions have the ability to enter ‘Hotel Mode’. This feature allows you to set functions such as Initial Volume, Maximum Volume, Initial Channel, Initial Picture Status Memory and Initial Sound Status Memory.

The Splash Screen is also able to be personalised to show your Hotel logo when the television is switched on. Our focus on future-proof and customised solutions to complement exquisite décor finishes makes us the Number 1 choice for forward thinking, innovative establishments. Make a lasting impression on your discerning guests and specify Aquavision waterproof television.

Hotel Waterproof Television – About Us

We have always believed that television should be an intrinsic part of the overall design of any living space.

It should be enjoyed in any room, regardless of environmental challenges. A balance of elegance and substance is a vital part of our recipe for producing world-class, hand built, high-performance televisions for all applications.

Our portfolio has broadened over the past 2 decades as our global footprint has expanded. We continuously perfect our innovative designs to remain the market leader for hotel waterproof television.

Uniquely, all of our products are engineered in such a way that they can be upgraded at any time. Our belief is that luxury is timeless, not throwaway, which is why we support all products as far back as 15 years.


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