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Hotel Interior Design Services

Hotel Interior Design Services

Perfectly Imperfect Interiors

Inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy – the notion that an object or material is alive and evolves with time – Ana Engelhorn’s Hotel Interior Design Services takes a perfectly imperfect approach to design. We celebrate the imperfections in natural materials and unite the old with the new to create fresh, timeless interiors. In hotels, we aim to create spaces that not only look stunning, but are comfortable and inviting, full of character – in other words, that feel like a home away from home.

Hotel Interior Design Services – Eclectic and international – bold and natural style

Born in Switzerland to Spanish and German parents, who inspired her with their love for beautiful spaces and talent for design – converting historic buildings across Europe into beautifully designed but also practical buildings – founder Ana is well versed in both the hospitality and interiors world. After gaining a degree in Business Administration, she co-ran a restaurant for six years and later a hotel and vineyard in Spain. She went on to acquire a certificate from the International Design Institute – combining her interests in hospitality and design.

Ana’s multicultural background and eclectic taste comes through in her work. Never one to shy away from something new or different, she loves striking fabrics, rich colours, stand-out chandeliers, and art that makes a statement. She especially loves working with spaces and materials that have a story to tell, which show their beauty with age. In older buildings, the focus is on restoring the space to its original state, highlighting any historical features, while adding a modern twist – this is what separates their Hotel Interior Design Services from the competition. In new buildings, she is guided by her client’s needs to inform the design and shape of the space, bringing in older pieces to complement the new.

Sustainable, ethical approach

Ana’s hotel interior design services ethos is based on natural, organic materials, celebrating the beauty in older objects, so from the start she approaches all her projects with a sustainable mindset. She uses locally-based suppliers wherever possible and prioritise those who make their products in a sustainable, ethical way, using quality materials and respecting the environment as well as the people who work for the company.

Hotel Interior Design Services – Characterful, comfortable interiors

Ana and her team are committed to creating stunning, characterful hotel interiors that feel comfortable and unique rather than stiff and corporate. Taking time to understand the brief and the space, they work collaboratively with their clients to push the limit on what’s possible with the design to ensure they offer the best hotel interior design services– prioritising curiosity and an individual touch rather than the latest trend. Above all, they aim to create hotels that not only look great but are as comfortable and inviting as a home.  Making it also an important point that the design works to the upmost efficiency for staff.

Efficient, smooth design process, on-time and on-budget

We are driven by our commitment to deliver exquisite, perfectly imperfect hotel interior design services, on-time and on-budget, but are equally dedicated to ensuring the process is easy and enjoyable for our clients. We achieve this through a carefully designed, step-by-step process that optimises the design and detailing stages, including the logistical and financial parts of the project. In every stage, we work closely with our clients, keeping them fully informed of the plans and our progress. If there is a wider project team, we work with them to ensure our objectives are aligned, the brief is being met, and the project is run smoothly and efficiently.

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