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Sustainable Hotel Products / Outdoor Hotel Furniture

Sustainable Hotel Products – ALMADIE

ALMADIE is a French brand, who produce sustainable hotel products reinvents everyday items with responsibility for the home and the art of living. It strives to combine functional Design and Respect for the Environment. Both indoor and outdoor, functional and elegant, Almadie  collection is intended for home and art living

All products can be tailor-made for BtB projects.

Sustainable Hotel Products – Outdoor Furniture

We are using only recycled materials : recycled plastic either recycled polypropylene or recycled polyester coming from plastic bottle or food bulk bag

Our sustainable hotel products are designed and treated to stay outside:

  • Resistant to water
  • Resistant to sun
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Washable

Polypropylene is a very resistant thermoplastic which forms under heat and which then 9 hardens reversibly. These sustainable hotel products are reusable and can be recycled several times before reaching its end of life unlike other types of plastic.

This great capacity to be recycled several times is not without consequence because a ton of recycled plastic is equivalent to 830 liters of saved oil.

We use also recycled polyester to make all our finitions and a grade 6/7 of colorfastness, highest grade to maintain color.

Outdoor Hotel Furniture

From outdoor portative light to deck chair through cushions, we don’t propose product but an atmosphere. You can combine your space with nine colors 2 patterns: one graphic and one “fake” textured plain. We can also customized color.

Outdoor Hotel Furniture – Sustainable Products available:

  • Solar & USB Portative light (wireless and 100% waterproof):
  • Outdoor Hotel Furniture: deck chair and sun bed
  • Textile: cushions, rug, placemat
  • Decoration: plant pot adjustable to the diameter of the pot (under patent)
  • Picnic suitcase /basket


Sustainable Hotel Products / Outdoor Hotel Furniture

Pauline Dreyer – CEO – ALMADIE

Expert in Sustainable Hotel Products

Obsessed with innovative recycled materials and functionality, Pauline travels everywhere to source the best one, understand them and then design some item. She always takes the constraints to design.

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