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Airwave Europe – Hotel Display Systems / Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel Display Systems / Hotel Digital Signage

Airwave Europe – Hotel Display Systems

Airwave is the UK’s leading supplier of Hotel Display Systems, IPTV, networks and digital signage to the hospitality sector.

Established in 1995, Airwave has been serving the hospitality market for over 20 years. Having installed over 400,000 screens and networks within 7,500 hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings, Airwave’s experience and expertise is unparalleled.

With a presence in several sectors including: healthcare, education, retail & leisure, stadia, prisons and transport, Airwave’s customer base is diverse. The company ethos however is unrelenting and focussed – to find the right solution at an industry-leading price. We aim to be the leading supplier in Hotel Display Systems.

Close relationships with key manufacturers such as Samsung, Philips, LG and Sky ensure that Airwave’s portfolio of products is comprehensive, cutting-edge and competitively priced. Our team of industry experts are passionate about technology and offer a product agnostic, consultative approach to your project.

Hotel Display Systems

Interactive Hotel Display Systems turn a hospitality TV into a powerful information and marketing tool.  Fully customisable and remotely managed, well-designed systems elevate the guest experience and enhance a hotel’s operational efficiency.

As technology advances, so does the list of embedded functionalities.  IP based solutions offer extra features such as catch-up TV services and smart apps, and PMS software automates hotel operations, integrates IT systems and enables two-way communication between the guest and hotel.

Hotel Display Systems come in all shapes and sizes and cater just as well for a small boutique property as a global chain of hotels.

Airwave’s team of content engineers are experts in the design and deployment of all leading information systems including: Otrum Enterprise, AirMedia, Samsung REACH, Philips CMND and LG Pro:Centric.

Hotel Digital Signage

Airwave provide an end-to-end Hotel digital signage service, aiding continuity and the streamlining of costs across each project.  Long-standing relationships with industry leaders such as Samsung, Philips, LG and NEC ensure our engineers and sales team are regularly trained and have insight into future technologies.

Already experts in AV infrastructure design and networking, we’ve invested in a content service provision in line with industry developments and innovation; we also have an in-house design team and offer content management services across a number of platforms. All of the services we offer come together in one package to make us a leader in Hotel Display Systems.

Hotel Display Systems – WIFI AND HSIA

The provision of a robust and efficient WiFi network is fundamental to a hotel’s service offering.  Not only does a secure and reliable connection keep Hotel Display Systems up and running, it’s a key factor in attracting and retaining customers and diversifying revenue streams.

Experts in the provision and installation of WiFi systems, Airwave’s state of the art cloud-based solution is scalable and performs with equal integrity in a small boutique property as it will in a major city hotel.

Airwave offer a tiered service, enabling users to benefit from a free of charge standard connection (for emails, web surfing, social media etc) whilst providing a paid option for high bandwidth services such as live streaming and video content.

Each and every project commissioned by Airwave undertakes a multi-step process to ensure a hotel’s WiFi is seamless, intuitive and consistent.

Making the most out of your Hotel digital Signage

For hotel’s looking to enrich their guest’s stay, Airwave are uniquely placed to offer a one stop, end-to-end content service.

Utilising our partnership with content specialists and sister company Techlive International, we have agreements in place to supply the latest Hollywood movies with multi-language support, award winning Hotel Display System features and adult services.

We’re also the proud developer and supplier of Airtime, the cloud-based movie streaming service that doesn’t require additional hardware, minimising capital expense and providing a compelling value-added service to your guests.

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