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Hotel PMS, Hotel Property Management Software, Hotel POS Suppliers, Hotel Contactless Check-in Kiosks

Hotel Property Management Software, Hotel PMS, Hotel POS Suppliers & Hotel Contactless Check-in Kiosks – Agilysys

Agilysys has been a leader in hotel property management software and a hotel POS supplier for more than 40 years. Hospitality is all we do. With a strong track record for reliability – you can depend on our software to work and support to always be there. Whether you operate a single boutique location or a large hotel chain, your hotel is a unique operation that requires robust solutions supported by an experienced technology partner. Especially during the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had, hotel PMS and contactless check-in kiosks are more important than ever.

Hospitality is all we do

That means all our resources (people, money, time) is spent on building the best software and services in the industry.

Comprehensive Solutions

We have the most complete, proven, and innovative solution set in the market. And they are all built for ease of integration.

Seamless Technology for Guest Satisfaction

Agilysys is committed to providing you with responsive service and results-oriented support. Our Customer Care program connects you with all of the resources of the Agilysys team, from software updates and technical expertise to customized solutions. We’re here to ensure that your Agilysys installations add optimal value to your operations. We put our customers at the centre of everything we do., and work closely with our customers on product planning, service needs and more.

Agilysys LMS® Hotel PMS (Hotel Property Management Software)

A Track Record of Powering The Largest Resorts and Hotels

With a sleek, modern web UI, Agilysys LMS® hotel PMS brings an innovative, mobile approach to managing your property with industry-acclaimed features and functionality. Lead your property into the next generation with hotel property management software that is smart enough to give guests a personalized experience, yet flexible enough to shift as guest expectations ebb and flow.

See What Resorts Love Most:

  • Upsell Opportunities – Dynamic Packages allow guests to select various package components when making reservations
  • Real-time Reporting – Leverage the data that drives strategic business planning, upsell offers, and brand promotion
  • At-a-Glance Patron ‘Rank’ – Retrieve and display patron card levels, tiers or other classifications used to identify status
  • Built-in Guest Convenience
    • Grant guests access to rooms, gaming tables and more using One Card functionality
    • Quickly link patron and lodging accounts for evaluating comp decisions with Comp Accounting
    • Patron Add allows new members to be added within Agilysys LMS® hotel PMS
  • Streamline Staff Workflows – Multi-language settings make Agilysys LMS® hotel property management software user-friendly
  • Flexible Deployment – Hosted or on-site implementation options to fit your business needs
  • Mobile or Fixed Alternatives – Move effortlessly between stationary terminals and tablets with no performance loss

Agilysys rGuest® – Integrates with Agilysys Hotel PMS – Hotel Property Management Software

Extensible Functionality

Commission-free Reservations – rGuest® Book can help you drive conversations and increase revenue without commission fees

  • Digital Guest Engagement – Guests receive check-in and check-out links on their personal devices to streamline both processes. Guests use the lobby kiosk or their mobile phone for digital check-in with rGuest® Express (Kiosk or Mobile). With room-ready messaging, guests can complete check-in on their mobile devices with the option for digital keys with ID verification that allows them to head straight to their room. At check-out, guests get a link to view folio details to streamline the departure
  • Automated Guest Upsells – rGuest® Express allows guests to upgrade their rooms at check-in, while Agilysys Seat integration encourages guests to make dining reservations right on their mobile devices
  • Secure Payment Transactions – Agilysys Pay integration streamlines access to validated P2PE, EMV payment gateways to secure transaction data
  • Modernize Front- and Back-office Procedures – Capture digital signatures at the front desk terminal, on a tablet and certain payment devices. Integrate Agilysys DataMagine hotel property management software to eliminate messy paperwork
  • Say Goodbye To Manual Housekeeping – Ensure Guest Room Attendants have the latest room status and eliminate the hassle of manual tracking methods. Increase staff satisfaction and overall efficiency
  • Real-time hotel PMS Metrics – Agilysys Analyze delivers key insights on the fly in a convenient, mobile dashboard

Hotel POS Suppliers – Grow Your Business with POS Functionality that Never Quits – InfoGenesis

Grow Your Business with POS Functionality that Never Quits – Hotel POS Suppliers

Don’t let your POS system get in the way of serving guests and reaching your revenue goals.

The dependability and capability of your hotel POS system are paramount to creating and maintaining guest confidence. A dependable and feature-rich POS system gives you an edge against the competition, keeps transactions flowing, and ensures seamless integration with your current back-office technologies without a large investment. As one of the leading hotel POS suppliers in the world, Agilysys is providing the best POS system: InfoGenesis hotel POS, which is designed to serve guests more effectively while improving your profitability. This flexible point-of-sale system is easy to set up and maintain, and its scalable architecture allows you to add workstations without having to build out expensive infrastructure.

Agilysys InfoGenesis hotel POS integrates easily with a wide variety of other applications, including property management, inventory and procurement, self-service options, property activities and so much more. Process transactions in your highest volume, most demanding business environments worldwide, with no loss of performance at the point of sale. Agilysys InfoGenesis POS software provides industry-leading offline capabilities so you can deliver uninterrupted guest service even during intermittent network connectivity. Agilysys InfoGenesis Flex offers state-of-the-art POS mobility with the same functionality as a stationary terminal on a variety of tablet options.

Get your hands on the industry’s most dependable, full-featured mobile experience for any POS or restaurant service staff. Use on a handy 8” tablet or leverage the 10” version as a sleek terminal that easily converts into a mobile solution for line busting or temporary portable scenarios. As hotel POS suppliers we know one size shouldn’t fit all, so select the tablet options that work best for you. No matter your choice, you get the full power of Agilysys InfoGensis POS in your waitstaff’s hands so they can cover greater areas in less time, without ever losing touch with guests.

Streamline Your Operations

Item images on buttons make ordering fast and easy. Superior check management, along with consistent terminal configuration, pricing and screen setup, combines to give your frontline staff the tools they need to provide exceptional guest service across your entire organization.

Secure Your Payment Processing

Agilysys Pay is an innovative approach to safeguard your guests’ payment data. Reduce the risks, costs and compliance burdens with a payment solution that provides access to PCI-validated P2PE (point-to-point encryption) with every transaction.

Agilysys InfoGenesis was awarded the Info-Tech Vendor Landscape Champion Award.

Hotel Contactless Check-in Kiosks

Streamline Guest Service with Mobile Hotel Contactless Check-in Kiosks

Designed specifically to bring efficiency into your operational workflows, rGuest® Express Mobile, combined with Agilysys hotel PMS technologies, operates 24/7, just like you do. Its stable, secure, scalable platform offers control and flexibility to grow your bottom line.

More opportunities to enhance guest service

  • Using Hotel Contactless Check-in Kiosk for a Digital Check-in – Guests receive a text on their personal device and use the link to check-in before their arrival.
  • Dining Reservations – During check-in, guests may also be prompted to reserve a table at any of your restaurants using rGuest® Seat. Increase dining reservations and deliver a seamless guest experience.
  • Room Ready Messaging – Guests receive an automated text alert once their room is ready. They simply pick up their room key – or choose mobile keys – and head to the room.
  • Mobile Keys & ID Verification – Give guests the power to unlock their guest rooms using their own personal device with real-time ID verification for added security and peace of mind.
  • Using Hotel Contactless Check-in Kiosk for a Digital Check-out – At the end of their stay, guests receive a text with a link to mobile checkout. It’s easy to view the detailed charges in their folio – including itemized receipts from InfoGenesis® transactions. They simply leave the key, bypass the front desk and hit the road.


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