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Hotel Air Purification Systems

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Aerte produces innovative hotel air purification systems for consumers and trade. The award-winning company has harnessed its unique understanding of atmospheric chemistry, microbiology and infection control to deliver products that eliminate airborne pathogens and thereby reduce the risk of infections and outbreaks. Aerte is present in most countries in Europe and many in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Hotel Air Purification – Clean air for customers and staff

Skin flora is released from everybody who is moving around in the environment. 10% of the skin flora released contains of microbes.

Breathing, talking and coughing also release microbes into the air, making them airborne. By using Aerte hotel air purification systems, you will reduce the risk of inhalation of these microbes by customers and staff.

Infection control

Clean air is important to prevent the spread of airborne microbes. The majority of hotel infections are caused by respiratory and gastrointestinal microbes, like influenza and norovirus, being able to spread through the air. Published academic papers indicate a clear link between the number of airborne pathogens and the number of infections.


The science behind our Aerte Air Purifiers is the production of special oxygen-based molecules. These interact with microbes in the air, rendering them inactive. Hydroxyls are produced naturally in outdoor air, but due to the very short lifespan, it is not possible to transport them indoors.

Aerte hotel air purification systems produce the same levels of hydroxyls indoors as you find outdoors. As hydroxyls are non-specific, they will react with all types of microbes in the air.

Hotel Air Purification Systems – Award winner

The Aerte hotel air purification systems are one of the winning technologies in the Smart Solutions for HCAI program in the UK and is in use in several hospitals and other settings all over the world. The Aerte hotel Air Purifiers has proven to be effective against MRSA, C. difficile, Norovirus and other types of virus.

Airborne transmissions

Airborne transmissions of various microbes occur regularly, especially in sensitive indoor environments such as hotels where the risk of infection is a constant companion. Reducing this risk means minimizing infections and their consequences for customers and staff alike.

Aerte hotel air purification systems provide protection against all kind of airborne virus, bacteria, fungus and spores.


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hotel air purification

Vegard Kjaerheim – CSO – Aerte

Expert in Hotel Air Purification Systems

Kjaerheim has his academic background from Østfold University College (Chemistry), University of Wyoming and Norwegian University of Life Sciences (molecular biology). He has been working with infection control for several years and is today in charge of the international sales in Aerte.

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