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Hotel Cork Products

From Nature to you- We make it Happen! 3DCORK is an Hotel Cork Products company owned by father and daughter that joined their best skills in 2006, based in portugal. 3DCORK uses cork as core material to give light to unique and modern creations, allying design to the ancestor knowledge of manufacturing cork. Made in Portugal with natural resources.


Cork utilities and decoration items

At 3CORK we create, develop, produce and sell products mostly in cork allying contemporary design to the ancestor knowledge of manufacturing cork. We sell to all over the world innovative, ecological and unique products, giving light to a different way of working cork. Our wide range of Ecological Hotel Cork Products are ideal for all the occasions from the bedroom to the table decoration, adding a special touch to daily objects.

Ecological Hotel Cork Products -From Nature to You- We make it Happen!

Despite using a typical natural material as cork, at 3DCORK we are deeply committed with innovation, continual improvement through the adoption of systems and techniques of modern management, know-how management processes, and knowledge of productive processes as well as client and quality focus. We ship from Portugal to all over the world offering to our clients a full service from the Ecological Hotel Cork Products to shipping service.

The story of cork is a story of people and their love for the land and nature. It all starts in Alentejo, in the south of Portugal where time runs slowly, summer is yellow and hot. The harvest of cork in the end of the spring beginning of summer, makes the tree to live healthier and longer.  Cork is a natural, light , comfortable and durable material that when used to make everyday pieces creates unique combination of lightness and exquisite design. At 3DCORK we have the vision of creating Ecological Hotel Cork Products with a strong sense of functionality, innovation and respect for the nature. Our collections are unique and we can also provide our clients with their own creations. All made in Portugal, with natural resources.

Today, we create more than 70 new hotel cork products a year, work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and produce 85.000 pieces per month among the different products, employing over 30 people.

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