In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, where every detail contributes to a memorable experience, at Lincoln House, we are always refining our product offering, to ensure we present the best cutlery products in class to our hospitality clients. 

Founded on a legacy of craftsmanship dating back decades, Lincoln House Cutlery presents a wide range of cutlery products that combine quality, precision, and artistry in equal measure.

While embracing our rich heritage, we also look for new innovative designs to meet the demands of the modern hospitality landscape. We understand that the dining experience is not only about taste but also about presentation, and our cutlery range reflects this philosophy.

Beyond aesthetics, Lincoln House Cutlery places a premium on durability and functionality.

To that end, nothing embraces this philosophy more than the ‘sknife’ Swiss-made knife collection that we are delighted to now be able to offer our hotel and restaurant clients.

For anyone not familiar with the brand, Sknife has been producing high quality knives in the Swiss watch-making city of Biel since 2003. The knives were developed in collaboration with top chefs looking for a Swiss product of highest quality and perfection.

In 2015, sknife delivered their first steak knife. Since then, these incredible knives can be found in the world’s best restaurants with over 200 Michelin stars and in over 30 Leading Hotels. They have also been awarded with 4 international design prizes.

sknife knives are characterized by innovation in material and design as well as precision craftsmanship. sknife uses the latest surgical steel, in which the carbon is replaced by nitrogen. This increases the corrosion resistance by a factor of 4 and makes the sknife knives ideal for use in restaurants by the sea. The high hardness of 58 HRC (the same range as Japanese knives) also keeps the knife sharp for a long time. The steak knife is a handcrafted masterpiece. The blade of the well-thought-out design of the steak knife is contactless on the table. 

The noble handle made of stabilized Swiss wood makes it an eye-catcher on every table. The walnut and ash tree wood used for the handles are both from a wood turnery in Emmental (Swiss wood, FSC-certified). 

As well as steak and table knives, available with either walnut or black ash handles, the brand now offers a matching fork and spoon in either range. The sknife cutlery set was recently honoured in London with the “Tableware International Award of Excellence 2022” as the most beautiful cutlery.

The cutlery can also be personalised with an establishment’s name or logo. Choose laser engraving to make your cutlery stand out from the crowd, with an added touch of exclusivity.

In high contrast to mass production and throw-away society; with the use of high-quality materials and innovative craftsmanship, these knives are made to last a lifetime.

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