Hotel Kohlmayr Case Study


  • The Kohlmayr Hotelin OBertauern, Austria
  • 4-star hotel in the winter sports region of Salzburg


  • Install luminaires that fit in with the corporate design and look of the hotel
  • Reproduce colours as naturally as possible
  • A modernisation of luminaires


  • Installation of lamps from the premium manufacturers Molto Luce and Lucande
  • CRI values of >90 to make the colours look more natural
  • Implementation of a minimalist style

Products used visible in the pictures:

LOUM Meyjo LED Floor Lamp Sensor-dim

Lucande Magya LED Wall Light Black 4 Lights


The lighting design by Lights.co.uk Professional has given the Kohlmayr Hotel a modern makeover. With a mood board, the goals were made clear, minimalist and high-quality. Lights.co.uk fulfilled this requirement and installed luminaires from the premium manufacturers Molto Luce and Lucande.

Manufacturers used: