This fine blanking industrial factory in Italy, a building of 5.000 square meters, needed a large space for production and 1.000 square meters of administration offices. Bringing the headquarters of 45 years in to the 21st century, Christina’s idea was to lift and lighten the exterior as well as the interior of the industrial building. The administration offices have been elevated to embody a modern, light, natural and healthy environment, with the use of natural materials such as oak, steel and glass. To make a connection between the company’s production – blanking of steel components for the automobile industry – and the building itself, a grand entrance was added to express the significance of the company to its customers. Made entirely of steel, the entrance leads to a welcoming hall where walls, steps and floors are covered in wood, providing a warm and welcoming feel.

With respect for the customer, Christina designed a factory and office space which is both imposing and contemporary. The construction has a slight Scandinavian feel which is modern, proper and beautiful, while maintaining its functionality and not appearing too extravagant. The new building and its interior are made with the employees’ wellbeing in mind, with a focus on making them feel important and comfortable in their surroundings. Christina has largely used Danish brands like MONTANA, HAY, LA FAMIGLIA by Christina Arnoldi, Shadelights and Knoll (US), and the whole building and its interior is ergonomically designed and disability accessible.

Location: Italy
Built: 2020
Space: 5.000 sqm