Kannaway is now operating in 40+ countries worldwide- whilst this is certainly exciting, it also introduces new challenges as we work to navigate varied changing laws- with some territories relaxing laws only to tighten them again. Most recently, we’ve had to pause our operations in Hong Kong, for instance.

In Europe, on the other hand, we’ve been the first company to introduce a CBD oil into the Czech Republic containing 1% THC (the psychoactive cannabis compound), thanks to the 2021 law-change.

In the UK (and most of Europe), Kannaway has chosen to create a level playing-field by only providing ‘zero-detectable THC’ products- even though we could sell oils containing up to 0.2%. 

In the US (depending on the State), we’re permitted to sell products with up to 0.3% THC. We offer a mixed range in the states including zero- and 0.3%- THC oils. We also have Delta-8 and HHC oils (both often known as THC ‘lite’).


What does this mean for you and your guests? 

Essentially it means greater (legal!) choice. With Kannaway, guests and hoteliers alike can rest assured that we adhere to the relevant laws in all countries in which we operate.


Three of our favourite products, listed by country or continent:

USA: CBN, the ‘Sleepy Cannabinoid’

The Cannabinoid with the most sedative properties. An ideal, all-natural way to promote good sleep. Legal in the USA; currently illegal in the UK and Europe.


UK and Europe: Green Hemp Oil and Sleep Vape

Both containing CBDa, which is CBD in its acid form – Green Hemp Oil is also effective for sleep as it has a more direct effect on the body’s cannabinoid receptors. Our Green Hemp Oil and Sleep Vape both contain a combination of CBD and CBDa. The Green Oil in particular is highly unusual in the hemp industry as we’ve managed to produce such a raw oil without THC.


South Africa: Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer

CBD isn’t just for drinking..

Deeply nourishing and hydrating as a topical product, Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer uses active herbal ingredients to help rejuvenate skin cells and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also features our proprietary Ancient Asian Herbal Formula which works synergistically with our active ingredients, including hemp, ginseng, and goji berry to increase their bioavailability.