Hotel News IXXI have collaborated with a massive array of international and national illustrators, museums and designers for their amazing autumn collection which has more that 50 new images. Some current collections, such as Sacrée Frangine, V&A, the Natural History Museum and Lotte Dirks, have been expanded upon with stylish new creations. There are also many new names such as Tjitske Storm, Paste in Place, Lemholt N’ Bergman and Matisse that are being introduced to IXXI’s collection, each with their own individual style. Along with their new autumn collection, IXXI are challenging your hotel to be outstanding using their flexible wall system. You can be as creative as you like with the wall system, with potential for endless possibilities of combinations of any size and form, the sky is the limit! An IXXI in a corner, split into two parts, step-wise or exceptionally large! The options are endless, regardless of wether it is in a hotel entrance, lobby or hallway, and the collection IXXI have amassed is vast and versatile enough to fit any hotel setting and decor. Hotel NewsHotel NewsChoose a new or favourite IXXI design from their extensive collection or choose a custom image and get creative! Still looking for an original Christmas or end-of-year gift? Surprise your business associates or employees with an IXXI or Gift Card. A personal gift suitable for everyone’s taste and which you can fully customise with your own text, logo and photos. Hotel News