Have you noticed your hotel booking rates dropping dramatically in times of the COVID pandemic? Unfortunately, it is something that most hotel owners struggle with these days. The current situation across the globe has forced hospitality businesses to look for alternative solutions that will enable them to adjust. Glamping is an alternative form of holiday experience that has become an essential hospitality trend on a rise.

If you have never come across the glamping term, glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. The phrase stands for an alternative form of camping which includes accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Our clients report that the occupancy of the glamping accommodation offered at their resorts is approximately 85% and the return on the investment is up to six months.

Here are 9 reasons why is it worth adding the glamping accommodation to your resort or hotel:

  1. Invest with peace of mind and minimum risk
  2. Expand your hospitality business to reach a new group of Guests
  3. Achieve higher income per night
  4. Extend your season or operate all year round in any climate and any weather
  5. Become a glamping leader in your region
  6. Get 100% Return On Investment within one season
  7. Build anywhere, use unused land
  8. Add the “Wow factor” to your camping site
  9. Create an event venue using our bigger domes and diversify your business

If the potential of glamping has captured your attention, read more about the advantages of investing in the FDomes spherical structures and boosting your current business by introducing this trendy experience to your Guests: 9 reasons to invest in the glamping domes.