Yes, this is a clean chiller, a very costly machine. EnviroTower solves the HVAC cooling towers water treatment challenge which most building operators face – saving energy, water, chemicals, maintenance, and most of all – extends life span of the chillers! This is simply a lot of money to ignore…

ION Enterprises Limited, a pioneering company that has been manufacturing a range of environmental hotel water treatment devices under the trademark ScaleBuster since 1990, has teamed up with Hotel Suppliers to introduce environmentally friendly water treatment solutions to the hotel market.

ScaleBuster technology, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, has earned a stellar reputation over the years and has been adopted by numerous well-known global companies. With over 300,000 installations and 480 EnviroTower systems installed, ScaleBuster has proven its efficacy in addressing environmental challenges while delivering impressive results.

Research indicates that increasing environmental concerns have driven hotels to rethink their practices, as the cost of non-sustainable operation takes a toll on both profits and reputation. To tackle these issues, environmentally friendly technologies like ScaleBuster are now attracting increased investments from global, European, and North American companies, reflecting a shift in business culture towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment

One of the key innovations from ION Enterprises is the EnviroTower – Cooling Tower Hotel Water Treatment solution, which centers around the ScaleBuster conditioner. This technology effectively targets the hardness in cooling water, primarily calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions, by causing them to cluster and grow larger as the water circulates through the EnviroTower system’s conditioner. Eventually, these clusters are removed from the water through a separation process, resulting in more environmentally friendly and efficient water treatment.

Hotel Suppliers is the globe’s number one platform for hotel procurement and we anticipate great success from our collaboration with ION Enterprises in formally introducing ScaleBuster technology to the hotel sphere. As the world grapples with environmental challenges and businesses are increasingly embracing sustainability, ION Enterprises and Hotel Suppliers are poised to play a pivotal role in addressing these issues head-on, making a significant contribution to a more sustainable future. Their collaborative efforts are set to create lasting change by providing innovative solutions that not only reduce costs but also make the world a greener and more eco-conscious place.

For more information about ScaleBuster and EnviroTower technologies, please visit their supplier profile.