Welcome to SNOAP, a brand new patented, hotel solid soap dispenser.

We are all making changes to be more environmentally conscious and many people know that solid soap and shampoo is far better for the environment than liquid hand/body wash and shampoo:-

  1. Solid soap and shampoo have less than 10% the carbon footprint of liquid
  2. There is no single-use plastic with SNOAP soap and shampoo bars
  3. Our solid soap is far kinder on the skin than detergent based liquid hand wash

However, bar soap/shampoo is a challenge for hotels as bars must be replaced for each guest with significant product, packaging and time wasted.  Hence, most hotels use liquid miniatures or liquid dispensers.

The solution is SNOAP!

Our stylish SNOAP dispenser holds 2 bars of soap or shampoo, equivalent to over 5 litres of liquid, dispensing just the right amount of powder for a luxurious wash from our beautiful range of natural soaps and shampoos. 

All the environmental benefits of solid soap/shampoo PLUS the convenience of a liquid dispenser – critically no guests ever touch the bar!

We are really proud to bring SNOAP to the market and know you will love it.  It is not often that you get a product that;

  1. Is environmentally friendly – no single use plastic, cleaner waste water and with a fraction of the carbon footprint of liquid; AND
  2. Saves you money and replenishment time/frequencyAND;
  3. Gives you and your guests a better experience!

And we hope you agree, our hotel soap dispenser looks really stylish – what was the last new cool gadget you were able to install in your bathrooms?

We really hope you will join us on a SNOAP revolution.

Have you got the bottle? Make that change 😃!