Inspired By Design was founded by Simon Shuck in 2001, where they began as a distributor for quality, high-end European lighting brands. However, it was an enquiry for bespoke lighting that sparked Simon to identify a niche in the market for custom designed supplies. Over the years, Simon has grown a successful family run business and has become a trusted supplier to a vast number of architects, lighting designers and interior designers worldwide. Inspired By Design has an excellent team of craftsman and artisanal lighting factories across Europe and the Far East, which has played a key part in the building of their global connections and the formation of solid partnerships. After having looked at the gallery of incredible pieces of lighting from Inspired By Design I wanted to delve a little further into the behind the scenes details of some of their company success and what to expect from them in the coming years.

Whilst I was chatting to Simon, I wanted to know a little more about their target market as it was clear to me that they offer a wide and ever evolving bespoke design service. He explained that their target market is primarily architects, interior designers and those in FF&E around the world as they are able to deliver their outstanding service globally. Not only this, but one of the main things that really sets Inspired By Design above their competitors is their ability to be completely flexible and offer an extensive variety of materials to their customers to meet their needs and requirements. For example, they can provide everything from jewels and brass to marble and crystal with everything you could possibly imagine in between. It comes down to Inspired By Design’s ability to continuously push the boundaries that constantlyenhancestheir ever growing portfolio and client base.

Inspired By Design have bespoke designed and supplied to a number of prestigious locations across the globe from Harrods in London and The Marriott St Regis in Venice to several projects in Dubai and St Petersburg. But I wanted to know from Simon what one of his proudest moments had been for his team and himself. To which he explained how he always fondly looks back on one of their first biggest bespoke projects for Buddha Bar in London because it really encapsulated everything that they can do. They were approached by the designer, requesting a light design for two large dragons made out of crystal, one for either side of the staircase. Inspired By Design’s team, came up with the most amazing light design whereby the dragons were made up of individual hanging crystals. It’s a definite must see!

Taking things back a couple of years to when the global pandemic was beginning to rear its head and turn everything upside down for a lot of people and businesses, I was interested to hear how Inspired By Design were affected, if at all. Simon went on to speak about how their experience was rather positive and that, like most businesses it reiterated how they could still conduct business meetings and calls without having to travel and be face to face. Whilst we were confined to our homes, this way of communication was not only a time saver inmany aspects but it also took out a lot of expense. Aside from this, Inspired By Design don’t necessarily have a face to face offering which is the more pertinent point and they are a much more reactive business by way of their clients coming to them with their requests and briefs, which they then cater to.

After having spoken to Simon, it was clear to see that they have a fantastic business and an extensive list of incredible projects that they have worked on of the years, including the VIP Reception for Gazprom’s headquarters in St Petersburg and bespoke lighting for the entertaining suite in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Not to mention they are also currently working with a Hotel Group to provide their heavily bespoke lighting during a large scale refurb. They are most definitely one to watch and I am looking forward to seeing what they achieve in the future!