Inspired by Design, one of the UK’s leading lighting suppliers, has been designing beautiful lighting for 21 years.

Established in 2001, their founder, Simon Shuck, commented, “It’s surprising to realise that we’ve been designing and manufacturing lighting for architects, hotels and other open spaces for 21 years. The time has gone so fast!”

A family run business, Inspired by Design (IBD) was launched to provide lighting both in the UK and worldwide. They were initially set up as a distributor for quality high-end European lighting brands, but a niche in the market for bespoke lighting design supplies soon became apparent.

For that reason, IBD formed solid partnerships with some particularly excellent craftsmen and artisanal lighting factories in Europe and the Far East. Through their global connections, IBD are well placed to produce your custom-made lighting projects.

As IBD grew over the years, they also became a trusted supplier to many architects, lighting designers and interior designers in the UK and beyond. Simon explained, “Having that strong network of partners means we have the resources and manpower to provide our clients with a highly professional service.”

Indeed, IBD has become well known and respected for their innovation and professionalism in both designing bespoke lighting and their attentive customer service. “We love building strong client relationships as much as we love creating bespoke designs,” Simon commented.

From sculptural artistic creations to minimalist elegance, IBD can build it. The more fantastic the better – they love a challenge!

From Dramatic to Discreet Lighting

Throughout their 21 years of lighting design, IBD has provided lighting for many five-star hotels worldwide, including London, Monaco and Beverly Hills. They also work with architects on projects for private VVIP residences, penthouses in Monaco and Cannes, and commercial projects in Dubai and the Middle East, including The Arts Club.

The picture above shows one of their feature chandeliers in the Ruya Restaurant, located within the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel, off Park Lane in London. Simon explained, “The first Ruya Restaurant was already very successful in Dubai, so the owners decided to expand into the London. They tasked us to provide a similar vision here. This meant matching the lighting to that in their Dubai restaurant, ostensibly creating a signature lighting brand for their restaurants.”

Four feature chandeliers needed to be positioned at strategic intervals along the length of the restaurant’s ceiling. As IBD does with all their client projects, detailed plans were drawn up. The design included three layers of arms of differing lengths and depths, so they needed to create special fixings for the chandeliers to fit neatly within the ceiling voids. But one area of the ceiling was slightly smaller, meaning IBD had to adapt their design to fit the space. Which it did, perfectly.

Special finishes were created for the arms and lamp holders, maintaining the aesthetics of the restaurant. 

Simon concluded, “The entire manufacturing process was carefully monitored from start to finish, allowing the client to check on progress when they needed to.”

Signature Lighting Range

It is IBD’s level of detail and precise planning that hotel owners and other clients benefit from.

“We like to work closely with our clients so that they know exactly what’s going on throughout the entire design, manufacturing and installation process. That way, we’re confident that they are not only satisfied but usually absolutely thrilled with our service and the ‘brilliant’ end result!” Simon explained.

So, if you run a hotel chain and would like to replace your lighting with a stunning signature range of lighting, IBD will help with that, too. Just as they did for the Ruya Restaurant and many of their other clients throughout their 21 years of operating.

“Our designs are the difference between ‘just’ a bit of lighting and being a stunning centerpiece.

That’s thanks to our brilliant team of technically talented craftsmen and artisans within Europe and beyond,” Simon said. See that for yourself here.

Lighting to Calm and Inspire Your Hotel Guests

Working closely with you throughout the project, IBD help hotel owners to create the most welcoming ambience throughout the building.

From well-lit foyers, hallways and corridors to dramatic bar and dining experiences. And elegant, subtle lighting in the privacy of your guests’ suites, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Your guests’ hotel experience isn’t purely down to the exceptional service your teams provide, or those little luxury extras in the bathrooms. Their experience is more than your excellent facilities like gyms, spas and superb event rooms. Your guests’ overall experience includes feeling comfortable and at ease in the privacy of their rooms. 

The photographs here depict the beautiful bedroom and bathroom lighting designed and installed by IBD for the Marriott St Regis Hotel in Venice.

We hardly need say that hotels are more than just a place to sleep and eat. They offer an experience for your guests, helping them to remember you positively, rave about you, and return next time they visit your locations.

Lighting provides a huge part of that overall experience, wherever your guests choose to relax or meet with friends and colleagues within your hotel.

Bringing the Outside Indoors – Biophilic Lighting

Speaking of relaxing, being outside and connecting with nature helps us to feel calmer and think more clearly. So, because that’s not always possible for frequent business travellers, IBD created a biophilic lighting range using a variety of mosses and foliage. Have a look at their Greenworld Lighting range here.

Public areas suffused with biophilic lighting are more welcoming and exude calmness. And as moss and other biophilic materials absorb excessive noise, they help create a more tranquil atmosphere, reducing stress levels of both your guests and your staff.

Ask for More Information

If you would like Inspired by Design to work on your next lighting project with you, for more ideas of how IBD can help take a look at their website and download their brochure here. Or get in touch by either emailing [email protected] or telephoning +44 207 127 0053.