What motivated Peloton to venture into the hotel fitness amenity space, particularly with a focus on providing exercise bikes for guest rooms?

With the increasing trend of integrating fitness into daily life, including during travel, Peloton’s presence in hotels aligns with this shift. This trend was also shown in our members’ behaviour. Our millions of members want Peloton not just at home but everywhere they are. They want to keep their routine while travelling. So we followed them. And our data shows that this was the right decision: 1.6 Million rides were taken at hotels last year! From a Peloton Member survey we recently conducted*, it was clear that the overwhelming majority (9 out of 10) is more likely to stay at hotels with Peloton Bikes. This shows the demand and need for keeping a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine. By offering Peloton bikes in hotel gyms, spa areas and in-rooms, Peloton addresses this need, providing a convenient and holistic wellness and high-quality fitness experience on the go.

** Based on a survey of approx. 800 current active Peloton Members who travel 3+ times per year, conducted by Peloton in August 2022.

The Peloton hotel exercise bikes aim to offer a personalized fitness experience within the guests’ rooms. Could you elaborate on how your equipment differs from traditional in-room exercise options and the advantages it brings for both guests and hotels?

Unlike traditional exercise bikes, Peloton bikes feature a large touchscreen that streams live and on-demand classes. This provides an interactive experience with professional instructors, making workouts more engaging and motivating. Moreover, we offer a wide range of workout classes, including cycling, yoga, strength training, and sleep meditation, which guests can access via a free app account or in-room via the TV. So guests can choose workouts that suit their fitness level and preferences, making their exercise routine more personalised and effective. This variety is not typically offered by standard fitness equipment. The Peloton Bike and Bike+ have a modern, compact design that fits well in hotel gyms and spa areas without taking up much space. The in-room Peloton Bike+ provides the convenience of working out at any time without needing to visit a public gym. This offers privacy, which is appreciated by guests who prefer solitary workouts. The unique offering of in-room Peloton bikes can attract new guests, particularly those who are fitness enthusiasts or existing Peloton users, and help retain them for future stays. Also, rooms equipped with Peloton bikes can be marketed as premium offerings, potentially commanding higher rates. Access to high-end fitness equipment like Peloton can significantly enhance the overall stay experience, potentially increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty. Offering Peloton bikes can differentiate a hotel from competitors, appealing to health-conscious travellers and adding a luxury touch.

The emphasis on creating personalized accounts for guests to track their fitness stats using the unlimited rider software is intriguing. How does this feature contribute to enhancing guest engagement and building loyalty to both the hotel and the Peloton brand?

By allowing guests to create personalised accounts, Peloton offers a customised workout experience. Guests can access their preferred classes, track their progress, and set personal goals, making their workouts more engaging and meaningful. For existing Peloton users, the ability to log into their accounts means they can continue their fitness journey uninterrupted while travelling. For new users, this experience might encourage them to start a regular fitness regimen. Offering a high-end fitness amenity like Peloton, complete with personalised accounts, helps create a unique and memorable service. This level of personalization can lead to a more positive overall stay experience, encouraging guests to return to the hotel in the future. When guests associate a positive workout experience with their hotel stay, it creates a positive association with both the hotel and the Peloton brand. This dual brand loyalty can be powerful, especially for health-conscious travellers.

Studies indicate that 90% of Peloton Members are more inclined to choose a hotel offering Peloton exercise bikes. What factors contribute to such high favorability among users, and how does this influence their choice of accommodation?

Brand Loyalty: Peloton has cultivated a strong community and brand loyalty among its users. Members who have integrated Peloton into their daily routines often seek similar experiences while travelling. The presence of Peloton bikes in hotels directly appeals to this sense of brand loyalty.
Consistency in Fitness Routine: For many Peloton users, maintaining a consistent workout routine is important. Having access to Peloton bikes in hotels allows them to continue their regular exercise regimen without disruption, which is a significant draw.

Health and Wellness Focus: The growing trend in prioritising health and wellness while travelling means that travellers are increasingly seeking hotels that offer more than just basic fitness facilities. Peloton’s reputation for providing a holistic fitness- and wellness experience aligns well with the needs of health-conscious travellers.

For hotels considering integrating Peloton equipment into their fitness centers or guest rooms, what kind of support and resources does Peloton offer in terms of installation, maintenance, and ongoing assistance?

Site Assessment and Tailor Made Solutions: We offer assistance in assessing the best solution for your property, site for the installation of the bikes, advising on the best locations within the fitness centre or guest rooms for optimal use and space utilisation.
Delivery and Set-Up: Peloton provides delivery and professional set-up of the equipment, ensuring that each bike is correctly installed and ready for use.
Customer Service Support: We also provide a customer service line that hotels can contact for any queries or issues related to the equipment.
Software Updates and Features: Regular software updates addressing hospitality guests’ needs and new features are usually part of the package, ensuring that hotel guests have access to the latest Peloton classes and functionalities.
Marketing Support: We know that Marketing is key to have more visibility within the hotel. So we offer marketing assets and guidance on how to promote the Peloton offering to guests. This can include key card inserts, banners, tent cards, digital assets, FAQ guidance for hotel staff, or display assets for the hotel.

Looking ahead, what advancements or innovations can we anticipate from Peloton in the realm of hotel fitness amenities? Are there any plans to expand the range of equipment or services offered to hotels and their guests?

We’re super excited that we just have launched Peloton Bike+ for hotels. The Peloton Bike+ has a compact size, making it ideal for hotel rooms, spas and wellness facilities, maximising space and enhancing guests’ workouts. Peloton Bike+ features a larger, rotating screen with 360 degrees of movement that allows guests to seamlessly move from cardio to strength, yoga, and more, plus the option for guests to have their resistance automatically adjusted to match instructor callouts. Furthermore, being a lifestyle-fitness brand, we enable exercisers to join a community of millions of Members worldwide motivating each other towards one goal – feeling the best version of themselves. As a result, we create wellness offerings for anyone, anywhere with world-class content and an impactful experience. We have new products to be added to the commercial range in the new year. Stay tuned for the news!