Hotel Suppliers reporter interviews Moo and Yoo’s Director, Suzie Gillespie to learn more about the sustainable hotel amenities taking the luxury hospitality sector by storm. 


Can you tell us more about Moo and Yoo’s mission and the core values that drive your business in the hotel amenities industry?Sustainable Hotel Shampoo

Moo & Yoo’s mission is to revolutionise the hotel amenities industry by offering luxury and sustainable bathroom products that are kind to the planet and the environment,  Our mission is to banish single use plastic hotel amenities and at the same time appeal to the increasingly eco conscious guests.

Our core values are:

Sustainability – we use glass packing that can be recycled endlessly and we offer refills.

Quality – our products are designed to be professional salon quality. They are premium products that match the expectations of our hotels and guests.

Innovation – we constantly seek new ways to improve our products and packaging to reduce environmental impact.

Integrity – we are transparent about our ingredients, sourcing and production methods

Partnerships – we love to collaborate with hotels that share our vision for a more sustainable future.


Sustainable Hotel ShampooResearch has shown that sustainable practices positively impact the guest experience. How do Moo and Yoo’s products contribute to a more eco-friendly and enjoyable stay for hotel guests?

Our products reduce environmental footprint. For many modern travellers, sustainability isn’t a preference anymore it is a necessity. They will be more likely to return to a hotel in the future if they find the right sustainable practices and brands in the hotel. It will make the guests feel good and add another layer of satisfaction to their stay.

By providing their guests with bathroom products in sustainable and refillable glass bottles, hotels can significantly reduce their plastic waste and send a message to their guests that they care about the planet are part of the sustainability movement. Our ingredients are all sourced from renewable sources which lowers any negative impact on the planet.  This builds trust with guests who can be assured they are using safe and ethically produced products.

Guests will enjoy the luxury feel and performance of the products. Glass gives a premium feel compared to plastic and makes the bathroom look more elegant and luxurious adding to the overall guest experience.


What inspired you to create vegan and sustainable hotel toiletries, with an emphasis on being plastic-free and ethical? Ethical Hotel Bathroom Products

Whilst working as a hair stylist and salon owner, Moo & Yoo co-founder Suzie became frustrated that many of the salon products she was using were harsh and irritated her skin. She also became increasingly exasperated that plastic containers were the norm in the hair industry and knew that despite her best efforts, most would never actually be recycled.

Whilst there were some good options out there, all came from overseas and the carbon impact negated any benefits. In the absence of anything suitable being available in the UK, Suzie and her daughter Olivia joined forces and decided to create their own solution and create gentle and natural products in fully recyclable glass bottles and jars.

Olivia was keen to be involved, with her passion for sustainability and a business degree behind her she was up for the challenge. Before long the whole family had joined in the journey and Moo & Yoo was born. With the backlash against single use plastic toiletries in hotels and the banning of them in many countries, it was not long before hotels began to get in touch. Recognising this growing trend, we made it our mission to design and deliver hotel friendly luxury products that would enhance the guest experience but also create a positive environmental impact.


Ethical Hotel Bathroom ProductsMoo and Yoo’s products are 100% vegan and palm oil-free. How do you ensure that your products are both cruelty-free and sourced responsibly?

We never test and animals and do not sell to any countries where our products would be tested on animals.  Fortunately, in the UK, it is illegal to test cosmetics on animals and this ban has been in place since 1998.  We have worked with the same chemist since the creation of Moo & Yoo who specialises in using natural products and responsibly sourced ingredients. We are very transparent in our ingredient list and share where we source items like our Maruala oil (fairtrade womens cop-operative in Namibia)  Moo & Yoo has an ongoing commitment to reviewing and improving our practices and we always stay updated with the latest sustainable standards and practices.


You mention using recyclable materials, particularly glass. How does this choice align with your commitment to sustainability, and what are the advantages of using glass for packaging?

Using glass offers many environmental advantages, especially when compared to some alternatives like plastic.  Glass has an endless life cycle and can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality or purity.  Glass recycling is usually a closed-loop process where glass bottles and jars are recycled into new glass bottles and jars.  Glass is made from natural materials and is non toxic, which makes it safer for storing our products.  Recycling glass reduces energy consumption. Producing new glass from recycled glass requires less energy than using raw materials and also recycling glass conserves raw materials.  Glass is durable and has a longer lifespan than many other options and with our refill option, the hotel bottle can be refilled endlessly with no degradation.


Your brand is associated with sustainable luxury in hair and body care and is retailed by upmarket retailers,Ethical Hotel Bathroom Products including Harrods. Can you share more about your success in positioning your brand as a go-to choice for high-end sustainable products?

Moo & Yoo has been successful as a go-to choice for high end sustainable products because of the quality and performance of the products and ingredients.  To appeal to the luxury market, we must ensure the highest quality and we never compromise on this.  Our packaging is sustainable and glass offers a premium and luxury feel which is appealing to the luxury market. We have strong retail partnerships and we have strong branding that combines both luxury and sustainability.  Luxury consumers appreciate the knowledge behind their purchases and our educational blogs and transparency about sourcing means they trust Moo & Yoo.


Moo and Yoo offers refillable options for its products. Could you explain how the refill system works, and what benefits it provides for both hotels and guests?

Moo & Yoo’s glass 250ml bottles are perfect for hotel bathrooms (we can recommend beautiful wall holders for our products) and the hotel team can refill them endlessly from our 5 litre containers.  We encourage our 5 litre containers to be returned so we can refill and re-use.  One benefit of Moo & Yoo is that we can place a QR code in every room so each time a guest makes a purchase, the hotel gets commission which they can use towards purchasing refills. It’s a great way to also build loyalty as your hotel guest are able to find products that they love, purchase them for home and be reminded of their stay at your hotel every time they use them.


Are there any new and exciting developments or product offerings on the horizon for Moo and Yoo that our readers should be aware of?

At Moo & Yoo we love developing new products that keep the brand fresh and relevant to consumers.  Our beautiful bath salts are a recent addition and our luxury vegan candles are very popular with guests.


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