Hotel Suppliers reporter sits down for a Q&A session with Mirabella Beauty to discuss their hotel cosmetics range.

What is your mission at Mirabella Beauty? What drives you forward? 

Mirabella is dedicated to offering salon-professionals and beauty enthusiasts a full range of clean cosmetics, skincare, and beauty tools of the highest quality with an emphasis on formulas that are ALWAYS free of parabens, gluten and talc, as well as being animal cruelty-free. Mirabella’s ‘True To You Beauty’ motto embodies the brand’s initiative to offer universally flattering and wearable colored cosmetics, as well as skincare and beauty tools, that are clean, affordable, and effective.

How do you see Mirabella Beauty impacting the hotel industry?

Since Mirabella began as a salon/spa professional brand, our cosmetics, skincare and beauty tools coupled with our in-depth education and marketingresources dedicated to helping retailers maximize ROI make the brand a true asset in the hotel industry market. Mirabella has a variety of stunning display options for any retail space footprint or budget that are proven to deliver sales and aid in bringing in consumers. Due to Mirabella’s expansive offerings in both beauty and skincare, the brand has the ability to serve in both salon and spa spaces, as well as hotel gift shops making it a valuable addition to Hotel Supplier’s company offerings.


What’s next for Mirabella Beauty? What are you currently working on?

Mirabella is currently in the process of building upon its ‘True To You Beauty’ motto by expanding it’s colored cosmetics’ foundation, concealer and pressed powder shade offerings into 24 foundation and concealers as well as 14 pressed powders! Look for Invincible For All launch this Fall!


Why was Mirabella Beauty created? What was your ‘inciting incident’?

Born out of frustration with the quality of cosmetic brands available to salon professionals, a makeup artist and salon owner developed Mirabella in 2002 to create a total beauty experience for the salon industry. The brand’s extensive shade range and mineral-based formulas quickly became an industry leader in cosmetics.


mirabella beautyWhat is your favourite Mirabella Beauty product? Why? 

Team Mirabella is currently obsessing over the launch of our Phototherapy 7-Color LED Facial Mask with Near Infrared.  We originally launched this mask in 2021 during the rise of at-home skincare treatments during covid and sales skyrocketed.  We relaunched the mask last month after adding Near Infrared technology for an even more effective treatment with advanced results. This mask is wireless, rechargeable and only takes 10 minutes a day to see results. Best of all, we custom-designed this face mask with protective silicone goggles and open eye holes so you can wear it anywhere, anytime.


How is Mirabella Beauty evolving and keeping up with ever changing makeup trends? 

As mentioned above, Mirabella is currently prepping for the launch of its Invincible For All expansive shade updates coming this Fall.  We may or may not have a few more BIG things happening in the Fall, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy for the time being 😉 Stay tuned!


What is your best makeup hack?

BULLETPROOF.  As the weather is warming up and we move into summer, one of our favorite makeup hacks involves simply misting your face post makeup application with our incredible Bulletproof Matte Finishing Spray.  This wonder product extends the wearability of your makeup and locks it in place for up to 12 hours (yes, we’ve got the clinical trials to prove it).  Trust us, it’s a must-have for your makeup bag!