Hotel Suppliers reporter, Manon Martini, interviews Power Plate Vice President UK & Ireland, Iain Murray, on how vibration technology is enhancing the hotel sector. 


How do you see Power Plate impacting the Hotel Industry?

Power Plate has been in hospitality for a while now, especially within the gym section of hotels. We know that training on a Power Plate is a quick and efficient option to gym users. The vibration will constantly challenge your core, increasing muscle activity and strength. Increasing your strength and fitness and supports with decreasing risk of injury. The platform accelerates your training, so you can achieve more in less time, which is why its always been so appealing to gym spaces across the globe.

We are now seeing Power Plate having an impact in this sector not only for the gym benefits but due to the versatility of the plate and the benefits that the product has across the spa and the in-room exercise solution, making Power Plate a great product that works across all 3 key areas of the hospitality and hotel spaces.


How does Power Plate technology work?

Power Plate uses PrecisionWave™ Technology to send tiny vibrations through your body – up to 50 times a second. These tiny micro vibrations activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, and assist muscle recovery.

Power Plate is used by Mark Wahlberg, Serena Williams, Professional Athletes, Doctors, and even Formula 1 drivers.

The engineering team at Power Plate has been innovating in the whole body vibration space for over 23 years. The engineers at Power Plate are obsessed with improving and refining Power Plate’s world-class equipment.

What are the main benefits of Power Plate vibration technology?

  1. Activate more muscle fibres – Power Plate’s vibrating surface actually forces your body to not only fight against regular gravity but also fight against vibrations.
  2. Burn more calories – Working out on a vibrating surface activates more muscles and in turn, burns more calories
  3. Muscle recovery and pain relief– Tiny vibrations flowing through your body enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and supporting their functioning.
  4. Increase bone density – Gravity applies a constant load on the skeletal system that’s what causes bones to maintain a certain density. Working out on a Power Plate increases this load on the bones helping increase bone density.
  5. Improve Circulation – By simply putting the painful area on top of the Power Plate to absorb the tiny vibrations customers report feeling instant relief. The soothing vibrations help increase blood flow that in turn can help improve muscle recovery times.


How does Power Plate fit into the guest experience? 

The research shows that Power Plate supports with massage, increased levels of collagen and elastin in your skin and body, skin glow and cellulite reduction, so it is a great addition to any spa facility to support alongside other treatments on offer. The harmonic vibration also contributes to positive hormonal responses, so the customer can leave feeling uplifted from using the products.

 In room solutions have been discussed for a while, on supporting those country and city break travellers being able to catch up with their regular exercise or relaxation routines within the comfort of their own rooms, and Power Plate offers both, making it a well positions product for the in room hotel solution.


Power Plate equipment can be used in room, gym or spa- how has the technology come to be so versatile? 

The Power Plate has always been versatile – that’s the strength of the product and why it’s been so successful for 23 years now. Power Plate appeals to Health club chains, Wellness and studio offerings, medical, elite sports, hotels, care homes, retirement villages, workplace wellness spaces as well as hotels, so has always been a versatile product which makes it so attractive.

 I think the key point here, is Hotels are now looking at how they can improve and innovate more to maintain and improve the customer experience and improve service excellence, and using Power Plate is one area that can support with this.


POWER PLATEWhat is your favourite piece of Power Plate equipment?

As much as I love all the Power Plate Products, my favourite would be the Power Plate MOVE for Plate product and the Power Plate Pulse as a targeted vibration product. The MOVE has a number of colours available, is portable and the vibration is easily controlled like a remote on a tv, along with a great level of power of vibration needed to support across all the beneficiary areas that Power Plate prides itself on.

The Pulse I tend to use for a quicker leg massage after a long day of standing at work, or after playing sport and get right into those daily knots and stiffness for a real quick fix solution if I don’t have access to the Plate


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