As major sporting events continue to capture the attention of fans worldwide, the experience of watching these games has evolved far beyond the confines of the stadium. Flightcase Bars is elevating the fan experience by bringing draft beer to your doorstep with their mobile bar solutions. In an exclusive interview, director Jack Doolan sheds light on how these innovative bars enhance the hospitality industry during major sporting events and beyond.
Draught Mobile Bar Units

Crafting the Perfect Pint

“Sports and draft beer go hand in hand,” Jack Doolan emphasizes as he delves into the synergy between sports events and the enjoyment of a good brew. “Before the pandemic, this connection might not have been so obvious, but we aimed to change that perception,” he adds.

Jack’s insight as a pandemic-surviving business owner highlights the unique role Flightcase Bars play in creating a memorable experience. If, for whatever reason, you’re not lucky enough to attend a game in person- Flightcase Bars ensures you don’t miss out on the authentic draft beer experience. “We can bring the draft beer to your house,” Doolan explains. “We’ll pop round in the van, set up the bar, and deliver top-notch bar service.”

Custom Hotel BarsElevating Hospitality: Flightcase Bars and Hotels

Major sporting events often result in a surge in hotel occupancy, as fans travel to witness their favorite teams in action. Jack delves into the role that Flightcase Bars play in supporting hotels during these busy periods. “We’re equipped to cater to the demand that comes with these events,” he explains.

When hotel bars are stretched to their limits during major events, Flightcase Bars step in to provide additional support. “We can provide extra units that can be set up anywhere in the hotel,” Doolan notes. This means that guests can enjoy high-quality draft beer even in outdoor event spaces- no need for sub-par canned beer. Whatsmore, once the event is over, Flightcase Bars pack up seamlessly- rolled of the scene without a trace.

Jack acknowledges the challenges posed by different event locations. “Logistic challenges can be unique, but it’s all about ensuring that the drinking experience is first class,” he says. While Flightcase Bars often deploy on-site staff to ensure the perfect pour, they’re also receiving more inquiries for “drop and go” setups, catering to the diverse event needs of individuals and businesses alike.

The Guinness ExperiencePortable Hotel Bars

For Flightcase Bars, pouring a pint of Guinness is an art in itself. “Guinness is a two-part pour,” Jack explains. “The initial pour is followed by a settling process that creates that iconic dark and creamy pint.” This meticulous process can take up to 127 seconds, but Jack emphasizes that it’s a time-honored tradition that can’t be rushed.

Doolan’s enthusiasm for delivering a perfect pint is evident as he discusses the intricacies of the pour. “We’ve built a reputation for delivering exceptional Guinness pours,” he states. This commitment to quality is what sets Flightcase Bars apart, ensuring that every patron experiences the true essence of a freshly poured pint no matter where they are.

As the interview wraps up, Doolan reflects on the unique dynamics of sporting events and their impact on the drinks industry. From the growing interest in women’s football to the buzz surrounding upcoming events like the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Flightcase Bars continues to adapt and innovate, providing unforgettable experiences to fans and venues alike.

As the world of sports events evolves, Flightcase Bars stands as a prime example of how innovation in the drinks industry can elevate the fan experience- turning any gathering into a memorable celebration of sports and camaraderie.

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