Can you provide an overview of Peloton’s mission and its vision for the future of fitness?

Peloton’s mission is the same today as it was when we first started, using technology and design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime.

Quite simply encouraging people to have the ability to access fitness & wellbeing solutions no matter their location, fitness ability or favourite modality.

How does Peloton differentiate itself from traditional fitness offerings, and what are the key advantages of using Peloton’s products and services?

Peloton is at the forefront of the connected fitness industry. No other traditional fitness provider has the ability to create the vast & rich content that Peloton that our members love. Easily accessible through our platform and  through our hardware such as Bike, Tread & Row. Importantly our members have told us they are 93% more likely to stay in a Hotel if it has Peloton and that’s where our Hotel Finder really adds value to our commercial offering. Being able to promote and drive new guests into the Hotel based on their fitness amenities. This is game changing for the industry.

The Peloton community is a significant aspect of the brand. How does Peloton foster a sense of community among its users, and why is community engagement important to the Peloton experience?

The Peloton community is at the heart of why we do what we do. Millions of Members use our platform to connect, bond, inspire and grow stronger together. Through our immersive software like the live Leaderboard, beautifully designed hardware, addictive classes, empowering instructors and exciting community events, we’ve created an opportunity for people to discover the best versions of themselves.


How does Peloton tailor its offerings to meet the unique needs and preferences of hotel guests, and what types of hotels are best suited for Peloton partnerships?

Peloton knows that every property, guest and traveler is unique, so the one size fits all approach doesn’t work in the new Hospitality landscape. Hotels are in the business of providing a great experience to their guests, just as Peloton does for our members.

The ability for a guest to pick up their fitness journey where they left off last time, with a home-from-home interface that’s intuitive, engaging and rich with content is extremely important in today’s society.

Imagine a long day of traveling, then having the ability to turn on the TV in your room and access a 10 minute meditation class by your favorite instructor or feel refreshed with a 20 minute yoga class when you wake to start your day with a familiar face.

You will find Peloton today not only in a traditional fitness centre, but now increasingly in more purpose built environments where the Hotel is looking to offer a more holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Meeting room conversion projects, guest suites and concierge bikes are all examples of where you may find Peloton on your next stay.

Looking ahead, what are Peloton’s plans for innovation and growth in the fitness industry, particularly in response to emerging trends and technologies?

We constantly innovate to meet our current and prospective Members where they are as well as updating our products and the overall Peloton experience. Peloton is a tech powered lifestyle brand and we will surely see many exciting developments in the near future. From an industry point of view, the number of our partner hotels are rising everyday. We are really excited to see Peloton becoming a wellness standard in hospitality.