Hotel Supplier’s reporter interviews Samantha Decker, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations at Barn Light Electric.

Can you give us an overview of Barn Light Electric and its mission in the hotel lighting industry?

Barn Light Electric was launched during America’s Great Recession of 2008 but grew quickly as the demand for vintage inspired lighting spread. With hard work and plenty of imagination, the company soon garnered loyal customers around the globe. By hiring local artisans to handcraft products on site at their Florida manufacturing center, Barn Light controls the quality and manufacturing process from start to finish.

Inspired by early 20th century lighting, Barn Light takes classics designs from inventors like Goodrich and Benjamin and updates them with modern finishes and options. We revived the art of handcrafting porcelain enamel lighting and are the only manufacturer in the U.S. producing porcelain lights.

Dozens of customizing options make Barn Light’s collections of lighting especially attractive to commercial customers. From a variety of shade sizes and dozens of finish colors to mounting options and other accessories, Barn Light fixtures can be customized to complement any hotel, restaurant, or commercial brand. These handcrafted, made-to-order lights are built to last and stand apart from cheaper, mass-produced fixtures.


Talk me through the manufacturing and creation process of creating your lighting.

The manufacturing process begins in the Machine Shop where craftsmen cut steel, aluminum, copper, and brass into pieces that are hand spun into shades on high-speed lathes. Welders, pipe benders, and other artisans help craft each piece that goes into our lighting.

The next step in the process is in the Prep and Finish area where shades are cleaned and prepped for the desired finish color. Once completely sprayed and coated with the selected finish, the pieces are fired in a high-temperature oven to fuse the finish to the metal.

For fixtures in our Timber and Ore collection, the Wood Shop is where our talented woodworkers cut, spin, shape, and sand pieces of North American hardwoods into lights and accent pieces.

The Assembly team gathers each piece then carefully puts them together into a beautifully crafted light fixture. Each light is wired and thoroughly tested before being sent on for inspection by Quality Control. Our team inspects every aspect of every light to make sure it adheres to our strict quality guidelines. The Shipping Department is the last stop where lights are carefully and thoughtfully packaged in boxes with recyclable, shredded cardboard to ensure a safe journey.

To see more, check out this video tour of our manufacturing center — https://youtu.be/Wm_cX6o2cGM


Barn Light Electric has been around for several years now. What factors do you attribute to the company’s success and longevity in such a competitive market?

Barn Light has been crafting lighting for more than 15 years. Although the owners were often encouraged to send their manufacturing overseas to increase profits, they wanted to keep the production in America to oversee every aspect of the business from product development to quality control. The focus, from the beginning, has always been on using commercial-grade materials with plenty of customizing options to allow customers to create the exact fixture they envisioned. Barn Light Electric products are high-quality and built to last even in high-traffic commercial environments.


Why is it important for hoteliers to install bespoke and thoughtfully designed lighting as opposed to mass-produced, cheaper lighting?

Investing in thoughtfully designed lighting goes beyond the superficial aspect of aesthetics. It plays a crucial role in creating a unique guest experience, enhancing the hotel’s brand, and promoting sustainability, ultimately leading to improved guest satisfaction and business success.

Our easy-to-customize lighting allows hoteliers to create a unique and memorable guest experience. These designs can set the ambiance, mood, and atmosphere that align with the hotel’s brand and theme.

In the competitive hospitality industry, creating a distinct brand identity is crucial. Thoughtfully designed lighting becomes an integral part of the hotel’s branding strategy and helps differentiate the property from others, making it more memorable and appealing to potential guests. Positive feedback about the hotel’s ambiance and aesthetics can attract more guests and enhance the hotel’s reputation.

Barn Light’s high-quality lighting allows hoteliers to customize their lighting solutions according to the specific needs of different areas within the hotel. Properly illuminated spaces enhance functionality and provide comfort to guests, whether they are relaxing in the lobby, working in their rooms, or dining in the restaurant.

While mass-produced, cheaper lighting options might seem economical at first, they are not as durable or long-lasting as Barn Light Electric fixtures. Our lighting utilizes high-quality, commercial-grade materials and craftsmanship leading to lower maintenance and replacement costs over time. We also offer an extensive line of integrated LED lighting that is not only energy efficient but environmentally friendly.


The lighting industry is continually evolving with new technologies. Can you share any recent innovations or upcoming projects that Barn Light Electric is excited about?

We keep a watchful eye not only on the latest technological advances but also on trending styles and aesthetics so that we can successfully incorporate these into our new products. The introduction of our Timber and Ore Collection is a great example. Designers and architects were quick to tell us how much they appreciate the wood-meets-metal aesthetic showcased in this new collection which has recently been expanded to include LED options. Continuing to introduce new designs that capture the mixed material aesthetic has proven to be very successful for us!