Hi, Joshua and Ainu van den Hurk, the two founding brothers of Bamboovement.

Could you provide an overview of Bamboovement’s journey and how the company came to focus on producing plastic-free amenity kits for the hospitality industry? 

The journey at Bamboovement began when Joshua worked in large high-end hotels like Hilton, Waldorff, and Zoku. Seeing so much plastic waste there, and during our own travels, made us realise we had to do something about it. That’s why we founded Bamboovement – to offer an alternative to using unnecessary plastic products. We decided to focus on the hospitality industry because changing things there could really make a big difference for our planet. Our successful partnership with KLM inspired us even more to provide eco-friendly amenity kits to many hotels and places where people stay.

What sets Bamboovement’s bamboo amenity kits apart from other sustainable alternatives in the market? 

At Bamboovement, we’re proud of our unique hotel amenities. We make sure they exceed guests’ expectations, and we’re always exploring and developing new, eco-friendly innovations. We use bamboo grown and harvested responsibly (FSC-certified), which is good for the planet, and we make sure our guest room goodies are free from fossil-fuel plastics. We use state-of-the-art materials to ensure everything is top quality and as eco-friendly as it gets. And last but surely not least, our local offsetting programs enable us to offer carbon-neutral amenities that align with our clients’ sustainability goals.


Sustainability is a core value at Bamboovement. How does the company ensure that its operations, beyond just the products themselves, align with environmentally conscious practices?

Operating in harmony with nature is a core characteristic of everything we do at Bamboovement. When we pick materials, we always consider how they affect our planet. We’re careful with our packaging too, making sure it’s as green as possible and doesn’t create waste. In our office, we all try to do things that are good for the Earth, like saving energy, recycling, and coming to the office by bike or public transport. We also talk to people and other businesses about how they can be more eco-friendly. We’re always looking for ways to improve and are always open about how we’re doing.

Collaboration with clients seems to be a significant aspect of your approach. How does Bamboovement tailor its solutions to meet the unique needs of different hospitality businesses while maintaining a focus on sustainability?

At Bamboovement, working together with our clients is super important. We believe in forming partnerships that go beyond just making money and sharing a dream of a healthier planet. We make sure our products not only work great but also look just right for each hotel. This means we customise our products to match our clients’ style. Plus, our clients can help local eco-projects through our carbon offsetting program. This way, when they choose our amenities, they’re also helping the Earth. It’s a win-win for everyone – the hotels, their guests, and our planet.

With the emphasis on competitive pricing, how does Bamboovement balance affordability with the production of high-quality, sustainable products?

We at Bamboovement are breaking the myth that eco-friendly products must be expensive. We work hard to make our high-quality, planet-friendly items affordable for everyone. We keep our prices fair so that our products aren’t just for a few but available to many. We manage this by running a lean, innovative company and partnering with manufacturers who believe in our values. This approach helps us strike the right balance – making products that are good for both your wallet and our world.

Can you share more about Bamboovement’s participation in tree-planting projects?

Planting trees is a big part of what we love to do at Bamboovement. We’re proud to be part of various tree-planting efforts, teaming up with organisations such as Eden Reforestation Projects and ClimatePartner. Working with Eden is fantastic because they get local people involved in planting trees, creating a positive, long-lasting change. With ClimatePartner, we get to offset our emissions through different climate projects. One particular project we’ve chosen is the Mataven Forest Conservation Project in Colombia. This project is super important because it helps protect a vast forest area, supports the local communities, and stops trees from being cut down. We’re taking significant steps in our mission to care for our planet by participating in this project.

What future initiatives or goals does Bamboovement have in terms of expanding its product range or contributing further to environmental sustainability within the hospitality sector?

Looking ahead, we have big plans at Bamboovement. We’re working to grow our range of products, focusing on items that are free from plastic and have a low impact on the climate. Being transparent is important to us, so we’re committed to showing everyone exactly how their choices help reduce pollution and waste. We want to make sure when you choose Bamboovement, you know you’re making a real difference for our Earth. We aim to keep leading the way in sustainable solutions for the hospitality world.