What do you think of when hearing the words ‘hotel amenities? If your answer is tiny bottles of discount shampoo, dry soap bars and A LOT of waste, we have some great news! Danish-founded pioneers within sustainable skincare and amenities for hotels, iLoveEcoEssentials, is not only producing more environmentally friendly products for the hospitality industry; they’re also making it possible for hotels to embrace sustainability and gain profit on amenities.

The Evolution of Hotel Amenities

As the demands of hotel guests increase around the world – partially due to an increased focus on sustainability – so does the need for better amenities. While food and beverage is one vital part of this, skin- and body care is another. The modern traveller is well-informed and eager to “do good”, which is why hotels must be on the forefront of e.g., sustainability to meet their needs.

iLoveEcoEssentials make it easy for hotels to embrace this; by producing large bottles instead of small ones, both plastic and product waste is being significantly reduced – plus it is less time consuming for housekeeping to keep track of the products. In-room products of high quality will always increase the guest experience and perhaps even make guests come back for more. After all, our sense of smell is the strongest sense we have; it evokes memories and can create a hotel ambience at home in a heartbeat.

Bring the Hotel Feeling Home

Luckily, thanks to iLoveEcoEssentials, it has never been easier for hotels to sell their in-house hotel amenities and thereby offer their guests a unique opportunity. Through a well-trained reception staff, guests can purchase their favourite iLoveEcoEssentials products when checking out, and just like that, they are able to bring that hotel feeling home.

Due to increased transparency and no expensive intermediaries, hotels can earn 70% of the profit (in average) whenever an iLoveEcoEssentials product is sold at the reception. This means that if a hotel received 50 bookings, they only need to sell two products in the reception to break even – the rest is pure profit.

Never has it been more fun (or fragrant) for neither hotels nor hotel guests to embrace sustainability. Staying in a hotel is one thing; if you can do it with a green conscience, the experience is complete. Purchasing products from iLoveEcoEssentials means ditching micro-plastics, getting bottles that are made from collected plastic, and supporting the environment. Whether you buy a shampoo, a body oil, or a face mist, you can be sure that the content is natural, organic, vegan, and unisex – not to mention wrapped in a timeless and playful design.

What more do you need?

iLoveEcoEssentials has been pioneering the path of sustainable luxury within the hotel industry since 2016. For more information, go to www.iloveecoessentials.com.