iLoveEcoEssentials is a simple, sustainable hotel amenities brand that provides both luxury and effectiveness. They are a committed Danish brand, rooted in sustainability, design and quality; that have an incredible passion for creating natural and organic products that don’t harm the environment. By using iLoveEcoEssentials products, you’ll emit 0% microplastic in your wastewater, which helps to keep our oceans and marine life healthy. Travellers of the future are becoming more and more aware of the climate challenges connected to traveling – they’re demanding responsible eco-friendly alternatives from their hotels of choice, which is where iLoveEcoEssentials can cater to your hotel amenity requirements.

I spoke with Regitse, the head of PR and Communications at iLoveEcoEssentials to find out more about their brand, future goals and achievements. I jumped straight in by wanting to know where the inspiration for the company and sustainable products came from. Regitse began by explaining how they wanted to create a sustainable hotel amenity brand that was different from the rest. Right from the beginning, their goal was to change the way that hotels use amenities -going from small sizes of poor quality to larger, sustainable bottles made from recycled plastic that won’t damage microplastics. iLoveEcoEssentials are committed to making sustainability an inspiring choice for both hotels and their guests, whilst not compromising on the highest quality. I’m sure I can speak for many when I say that something we all appreciate is beautiful amenities of high quality in hotels. It adds to your overall stay experience and to know the environmental benefits, only adds to this. However, Regitse expressed how it isn’t just hotels that iLoveEcoEssentials cater to as their products appeal to anyone interested in making a difference to the environment by using sustainable products. With their products you don’t have to compromise on design aesthetics, value and quality to be able to contribute to sustainability.

Every company has it’s competitors and when I asked Regitse about theirs and how their approach is different, it was refreshing to hear her answer. She spoke about how instead of seeing them as competitors, they instead value other companies that are striving for a more sustainable future like they do. This comes above numbers and sales for iLoveEcoEssentials as this is a lifestyle and a promise to Mother Earth. In their opinion, that is worth so much more. As a brand they have made a promise to the planet, their customers and themselves that everything they do must work in harmony with certain sustainable protocols; from developing their natural skin and body care products in Latvia to choosing the right packaging and making sure that they have the correct certifications. Above all else, iLoveEcoEssentials cares for nature and together with their customers they are here to make a difference.

Leading on from this I could tell how passionate Regitse was about the company and their products and I wanted to know what one of their proudest moments has been for the company so far. Without doubt, she answered that it was how their story came to life. It all began with Mia, the founder of iLoveEcoEssentials working as a purchaser for the Danish hotel chain; Guldsmeden Hotels in 2014. Whilst she was scouting the market for clean, honest and organic hotel amenities she soon realised that there simply were none. It was because of this that together with the collaboration of her team, she decided to create her own and the rest is history. The idea of iLoveEcoEssentials was born in 2014 before sustainability became a focus and a trend and back then it was not possible to find amenities that combined quality, sustainability and beautiful design. Regitse explained that when they first saw the iLoveEcoEssentials products in real life, it was a huge moment for them! One of their best-selling products has become their unisex body wash, as it not only smells delicious with its fresh notes of mint and lemon but it looks gorgeous on any bathroom shelf. Regitse also assured me that they are currently working on a lovely new range of signature scents for hotels and privates.

It was plain to see that not only is sustainability and a deep focus on the wellbeing of our planet but it is at the heart of iLoveEcoEssentials so I asked Regitse to talk to me to a bit more about her favourite project that the company had been a part of. Plastic Exchange is a project that they are incredibly proud to be in collaboration with. In short, it means that for every three items that you purchase from iLoveEcoEssentials, they collect three kilos of plastic waste from our precious nature. You can read more about it here

I know that for many businesses the global pandemic was been a real challenge so I wanted to know from Regitse how iLoveEcoEssentials had been affected. She explained that they had also felt the affects on their business, like the majority of those in the hospitality industry, however instead of going into crisis mode, they chose to utilise their time by engaging in the exciting new initiative that is Plastic Exchange. This being one of Regitse’s favourite projects that the company have been a part of, came to life in Bali in 2021 and aims to engage locals in collecting plastic waste from our precious nature and in return they were given rice. During the pandemic, iLoveEcoEssentials were collecting plastic on the island of Nusa Lembongan, which means that now they are able to offer their hotel clients a great deal. This means that for each product they purchase, one kilo of plastic waste will be collected in nature.

Finally, I wanted to find out from Regitse what iLoveEcoEssentials goal was for 2022. She explained that they are keen on furthering their development of high quality sustainable products that don’t compromise on quality or design and despite the effects on the hospitality industry they remain excited to continue sharing positive eco experiences on a global scale. I wish them all of the success in 2022 and can’t wait to see what they have in store!