We want to create a full-circle benefit for everyone – your guests, your hotel, and the environment. Hotel guests love to bring their iLoveEcoEssentials products home, simply because they create a long-lasting hotel experience long after check-out. By selling the products in your reception, it can cover the expenses of equipping the rooms – and it can even turn into a profit.

It is iLoveEcoEssentials main focus to provide high-quality skin- and haircare products that don’t harm the environment. Because of this focus, your guests will experience a quality surprise, which will result in easy add-on sales!

iLoveEcoEssentials allows your guests to bring your hotel experience home with them, which is a bonus for you in more than one way:

1) You make an extra profit while your guests are positively reminded of their stay with you.

2) Every time the guests interact with their hotel product, they’re reminded of their stay. This is the
perfect eco-friendly marketing for your hotel, and it’ll potentially result in returning business.