HydreauBar Water Bottling and Sterilisation at the heart of Sustainability – What you need to know …

The HydreauBar is revolutionizing the way water is offered to customers. Up to 100 bottles/hr are sterilised then filled with our purified and filtered water. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of the HydreauBar, including its filling capabilities, sterilization process, and environmental advantages.

Filling Made Easy:

One of the standout features of the HydreauBar is its ability to fill 240 bottles / hour, making it one of the most efficient systems available.

Seamless Sterilization

In addition to its filling capabilities, the HydreauBar also takes care of sterilization in one seamless process. This thorough sterilization using ozonated water ensures that the water remains safe and free from any harmful contaminants all achieved at room temperature.

Environmental Benefits

Besides its exceptional functionality, the HydreauBar also champions environmental sustainability. By choosing the HydreauBar, you contribute to a greener future. The system promotes the use of 100% reusable bottles, significantly reducing waste compared to traditional bottled water options. Additionally, the HydreauBar boasts an impressive 95% lower carbon footprint, making it the Sustainable choice.

Water Filtration

HydreauBar uses 2 stage filtrations as standard. The 1st stage being a carbon filter to remove taste and odour while the 2nd stage is a UF filter ensuring most bacteria, smoke particles, pollens etc are removed.

Invest in the HydreauBar

The Best solution for your hotels/restaurants, Save Money, Save Time and Save the Planet.