Social media has revolutionised so many of our lives, with it becoming a huge part of day to day life across the globe. Within the hospitality sector, it has really had great effect on how hotels market themselves and ultimately, increase their sales revenue through digital marketing campaigns. Here we look at an Instagram post by Hilton (@HiltonHotels). On this channel, Hilton boast 327,000 followers – meaning the reach of this post is quite astronomical in comparison to marketing campaigns which they would have used before social media revolutionised the way we live. hotel suppliers Using a beautiful image of one of their lovely establishments, the Hilton social media team are able to immediately capture the attention of their follower base who would typically be scrolling through their feeds. They link this post to the specific resort, in this case Cape Rey Carlsbad Beach, so that the user can find more information and thereafter make their booking if they wish to do so. Social media, alongside the entire digital world, has really changed the way in which people stay connected with society but also how they go about making investments in holidays and all other general purchases. By moving with the times, but also beyond the times, Hilton and all other hotel brands are able to stay connected with their massive follower base, and even expand that following significantly with new, fresh content. Whereby in decades gone by, hotels would more than likely use advertising space in magazines and newspapers, hotels all around the world are now dedicating significant budget to staff, campaigns and content in order to stay aligned and market their establishments the right way. It’s the present, but it is very much the future as well.