OTO delivers the world’s first sensory CBD-infused massage experiences that contain pure CBD isolate in the most luxurious massage oils to deliver muscular relaxation quickly, and sound therapy to alter your state of consciousness, with the aim to balance homeostasis, promote relaxation and manage stress. Helen Cain, Head of Spa, at OTO explains how OTO is bringing CBD into the Hotel & Spa mainstream.

Q1: When you first launched the OTO Spa experiences did you expect them to be so popular? As I came from the Operators side of the spa industry I had a good idea of areas that I felt needed improvement when creating treatments and as CBD needs education in order to be understood I wanted the treatment side of the range to be fuss free and easy to deliver. We created treatments that deliver high amounts of CBD and protocols that are simple and can be adjusted to the client.


Q2: What was the main reason for you bringing CBD into the hotel & spa space? I knew the benefits of CBD and combining these through treatments with beautiful, curated spa oils with CBD Isolate and Essential oils, I knew there was a gap in the market. As clients move towards all round wellness, combining relaxation and longer term benefits, this was the perfect fit. We also had the capability to work across the whole customer journey in the spa, bar and room with the versatility of our range.

Q3: Why does CBD work so well in this industry? It only works well when led by Education and so proudly we are CIBTAC accredited to ensure that Therapists are given the best opportunity to learn about CBD before they learn the OTO treatment experiences. Customers are also keen to explore treatment internally as well and the benefits of CBD on the endocannabinoid system longer term supports this.

Q4: How far has OTO come from where it started? Is it truly an innovative brand? We have grown so quickly from 2019 when it started in the retail space and if there was a gold list of suppliers, we have ticked many of these in our short journey so far. We now span retail, spa and hotel spaces in the UK, E.U, Japan and are about to launch into the USA.

Q5: What is your proudest achievement? Watching the spa proposition grow from conception to delivery and now being in over 20 spas in the UK and continuing to have conversations with the most beautiful spas. I really have to pinch myself sometimes.

Speaking of achievement WE HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR BEST SPA PRODUCT AT THE 2022 Boutique Hotelier Awards! Please go and vote for us here.