HydreauBar Smart Bottling Station helps Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee Shops, Reduce Carbon Footprint and save money. HydreauBar is the world’s first integrated bottling station that sterilizes and fills reusable glass bottles with chilled and sparkling filtered water. The HydreauBar system offers convenience, financial savings, with huge environmental benefits compared to plastic or glass bottled water. It removes the need for bought in bottled water, lowers your carbon footprint by 95%, maximizes convenience while reducing financial costs. Superior design quality and durability, the HydreauBar bottling station easily fits into standard kitchen layouts and eliminates the need for a dishwasher, saving space, time, and labor.

HydreauBar’s environmental benefits include 100% reusable glass bottles, zero transport costs, zero bottle waste and no disposal costs, zero water waste, and reduced energy use. The system takes care of sterilization and filling in one seamless process, ensuring safety by eliminating microbial organisms on internal bottle surfaces. Sterilization is by ozonated water. HydreauBar is a sustainable solution for hotels, restaurants and coffee shops looking to reduce their carbon footprint and costs. With production rates of up to 100 bottles per hour, the system can easily cater to high-volume demands. “Our system provides a sustainable solution for hotels Restaurants and coffee shops, and we are committed to providing superior quality and service to our customers,” said the HydreauBar team. For more information about the HydreauBar bottling station and its environmental benefits, please visit www.quatreau.com