Hotel Supply International in Haarlem has launched its new website and branding. The new website contains an interactive blog in which hospitality experts discuss operational dilemmas and trends, providing the reader with direct tips. The hotel supplier continues in a new guise and retains the service and the extensive range of products that the hospitality professional is used to. The Hotel Supply team has extensive project and product knowledge thanks to years of experience in the hospitality sector. Based on operational experience and input from partners from the hotel industry, they highlight various topics and issues that help the customer to make strategic choices and come to a sustainable investment for their company. The information is interesting for small, individual hotels and Bed & Breakfasts as well as large chain hotels. Topics such as the influence of pillows on the spread of viruses (Covid-19), the do’s and don’ts when purchasing hotel kettles and tips when renovating / refurbishing a hotel are discussed. Readers can respond directly to the blogs and ask questions specific to their situation, and they can also make suggestions for topics they would like to see covered on the blog. Hotel Supply publishes a new article every month. You can stay informed about new publications by registering for the newsletter at www.hotel-supply.com at the bottom of the homepage.