As the hospitality industry continues its path to recovery, Hotel Suppliers are gearing up for a major showcase of innovation, design, and sustainable solutions at two premier exhibitions taking place this month. The Independent Hotel Show and the Hotel Innovation Expo, both highly anticipated events in the world of hospitality, will bring together key players in the industry to exchange ideas, discover cutting-edge products, and pave the way for the future of hospitality.


The Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo, set for October 10th – 11th at the ExCel, London is a testament to the rapid technological and sustainable evolution within the hotel industry. With a focus on innovation, this expo brings together visionaries, disruptors, and suppliers to discuss the latest advancements that are reshaping the guest experience.

Hotel suppliers attending this event will present state-of-the-art sustainable solutions, including zero-waste amenities, eco-consultancy services, and energy-efficient practices designed to enhance operational efficiency while delighting guests. The Hotel Innovation Expo is where the future of the industry takes center stage.

What’s more, Hotel Suppliers’ very own Sales Manager, James Davis, will be speaking at the event. James will share his industry insights with audiences to help educate and navigate a clear path for the hotel industry toward net zero.

You will find us at stand number M14- don’t forget to secure your free tickets here!


The Independent Hotel Show will run shortly after Hotel & Resort Innovation from the 16th – 17th of October at Olympia, London. The show is a prestigious platform that celebrates the art of boutique hospitality. Hoteliers, industry experts, and suppliers converge to explore the latest trends and innovations in the independent hotel sector. From interior design and technology to sustainability and wellness, this show offers a comprehensive glimpse into what’s driving the success of boutique hotels.

This year, Hotel Suppliers are eager to showcase their products and services tailored to the unique needs of boutique and independent hotels. Attendees can expect to discover a wide array of offerings, from exquisite furnishings and amenities to sustainable solutions that align with the values of this niche market.

You will find us at stand number 1028- don’t forget to secure your free tickets here!


Both exhibitions provide invaluable opportunities for Hotel Suppliers to connect with potential clients, gain insights from industry leaders, and foster collaborations that will shape the hospitality landscape for years to come. These events are not only about showcasing products but also about building relationships and fostering a sense of community within the industry.

In a time when the hospitality sector faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the synergy between the Independent Hotel Show and the Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo couldn’t be more fitting. Together, they reflect the resilience, adaptability, and innovation that define the hospitality industry.

As hotel suppliers prepare to unveil their latest innovations at these shows, it’s evident that the future of hospitality is being reimagined before our eyes. By embracing sustainability, technology, and creativity, these exhibitions are setting the stage for a brighter, more dynamic era in hospitality.

Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of both events as we explore the innovations, trends, and connections that emerge from these gatherings, all contributing to the ongoing evolution of the hospitality industry.