As Hotel Suppliers begin their first day exhibiting at the Hotel Resort & Innovation Expo, we are delighted to announce that we have been named finalists for the 2023 Design Award.

In a momentous announcement that has our network buzzing with excitement, our leading Hospitality platform, Hotel Suppliers, has been named a finalist for the prestigious 2023 Hotel Resort and Innovation Expo Design Award.

This highly regarded award acknowledges and celebrates design excellence, innovation, aesthetics, and functionality within the hotel and resort industry. This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of visionaries who have dedicated themselves to shaping a visually captivating world for guests to explore and enjoy.

The finalists, representing the crème de la crème of the hotel industry, have demonstrated unparalleled creativity in their designs and in setting new standards for the guest experience.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal of the winner, where one outstanding organisation will be recognized as the epitome of excellence in design, innovation, aesthetics, and functionality. The award serves as a testament to the tireless efforts and remarkable talents of those who continue to shape a visually captivating world for travelers around the globe.