Hotel Suppliers’ very own industry expert, James Davis, is set to take the stage at the highly anticipated Hotel and Resort Innovation Expo this October.

James intends to present a vision for a greener future in the sector and will speak to the sustainability challenges currently faced in the industry. The event, which is expected to attract industry leaders and stakeholders, will be held at the Excel London on the 10th-11th October.

Representing Hotel Suppliers, James will address the urgency with which the sector needs to prioritise eco-friendly practices to mitigate its environmental impact. With the hotel industry being a significant player in the global economy, James will illustrate how Hotel Suppliers is taking a leadership role in embracing environmentally-conscious measures to protect the planet.

Attendees can expect to learn all about the considerable carbon footprint left by the hotel industry- including energy consumption and waste generation. The talk will also explore the benefis behind a greener sector model- addressing these challenges as both moral imperatives and strategic business decisions- particularly as travelers increasingly seek eco-friendly accommodations.

The audience at the Hotel and Resort Innovation Expo is eagerly anticipating James Davis’s presentation, as his ideas are expected to spark meaningful discussions and help to steer the hotel sector towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

For more information about the talk, please visit the official Hotel and Resort Innovation website here.