In the hotel trade, stars are a way of measuring quality. Via certification from the Deutscher Hotel und Gaststättenverband e.V. (DEHOGA) [German Hotel and Restaurant Association], hotels can be awarded up to five stars for their service, furnishings and amenities, and use this classification to attract customer favour. Functionality, comfort and aesthetic are all key criteria in the assessment. Guests should feel happy and comfortable in every respect.

Experience shows that hotels pay attention to official proof of quality when selecting their interior furnishings, for example design awards and quality seals. As a developer and manufacturer, Inwerk has many products tested and assessed by experts in renowned competitions and technical inspection procedures. For example, the electric height-adjustable desks Masterlift® 4 and Masterlift® 5 allow staff to work ergonomically and give guests (especially business travellers) a higher appreciation of their room. Masterlift® 4 scooped the Red Dot Award, while Masterlift® 5 was awarded the Focus Open, Baden-Württemberg’s international design prize. In hotel seminar rooms, the conference desk Conflex® cuts a fine figure. Offering an alternative to the customary rigid desks, it allows users to sit and stand as desired during meetings and workshops, ensuring healthy changes in posture. Optically, it is the counterpart to the Masterlift® 5 and is available in widths from 1,600 to 4,000 mm.

A beautiful design elevates and enhances any hotel. It confirms what the star rating promises and encourages guests to remember an establishment fondly, to recommend it to others, and indeed to stay there again in the future.