Picnic Time announces its collaboration with hotels on custom picnics for guests, featuring Picnic Time products selected to complement each hotel’s location and menu and delighting guests with a unique and memorable amenity experience.

(Moorpark, CA) As Picnic Time celebrates 40 years of creating products that inspire friends and family to come together and make lasting memories, the business has expanded into the hotel business. No, they’re not actually founding a hotel, but the company now works with hotels to create luxury picnic experiences using products selected from their 10,000+ picnic, outdoor leisure, and entertaining product catalog. 

Hotels can now partner with Picnic Time to devise branded picnic experiences on the hotel’s grounds or surrounding areas using our top-quality products. Guests will delight in the thoughtful touches and smart design of Picnic Time’s products during their posh picnic, sure to help inspire countless repeat visits. Both of-the-moment chic and timelessly classic, a custom picnic experience is a fast-growing feature of better hotels.

Currently, hotel collaborations include picnic experiences at Auberge de Soleil in Rutheford, CA, Sesuit Harbor House in Cape Cod, MA, and the Crawford Hotel in Denver, CO. Featuring deluxe picnic baskets, luxury blankets, and picnic accessories from Picnic Time alongside delicious food and wines from the hotel kitchens. Each product is meticulously selected to highlight the location, decor, and feel of the hotel for the optimal guest enjoyment. Hotels may choose to have products can be printed with their logo for an even more exclusive experience and guest mementos.

For more information on collaborating with Picnic Time on this trend-setting hotel amenity, go to picnictime.com or contact us at [email protected]

About the Picnic Time Family of Brands, now celebrating 40 years: 

Founded in 1982 as a picnic basket company, Picnic Time has never lost sight of our mission: to inspire people to spend quality time with family and friends. After 35 years in business, we launched the Picnic Time Family of Brands – ONIVA, LEGACY, TOSCANA, and PICNIC TIME – so our customers could more easily navigate our growing, innovative line of well over 10,000 proprietary and officially licensed indoor and outdoor leisure, entertaining, and gift items.