For over three decades, Poggesi’s principals have been a pioneering force in the realm of living hospitality, offering an exceptional range of towels, bathrobes and linens to luxury hotels, resorts, and cruise lines across the globe. Poggesi has established a reputation for quality, innovation, and a comprehensive inventory that caters to the diverse needs of the hospitality industry.

As a manufacturer, our expertise extends beyond simple production. Every product we craft embodies a promise – a commitment to unparalleled quality, cutting-edge innovation, and a deep understanding of the nuanced needs of the hospitality industry. With our vast and diverse inventory, we ensure that every establishment finds its unique voice, all while adhering to global standards of luxury and comfort.

A Quality Legacy

At the core of Poggesi’s success is our dedication to quality. Always aiming to meet the needs of luxury places, Poggesi is known for making high-thread count bed linens, bathrobes, pool towels, and more. These linens not only make any space look better but also offer the best comfort for guests, making their stay truly unforgettable.

Unmatched Towels Collection

Our extensive inventory at Poggesi also includes towels. We take pride in manufacturing long staple cotton towels that showcase both luxury and strength. Our collections include Jacquard and dobbie designs with a vast selection of vat dye pool towels, continuing our tradition of always offering unique designs and colors within all collections.

Revolutionizing Luxury Bed Linens for Elevated Guest Comfort

Elevate your guests’ comfort and satisfaction to new heights with our exceptional line of bed linens. Our collections offer a range of luxurious options that will undoubtedly delight your clients. Treat them to the opulence of high thread count sheets, meticulously crafted from long staple combed cotton for unmatched softness and durability. Provide a memorable stay with the crisp elegance of percale linen or the indulgent smoothness of sateen bedding. Our Jacquard design sheets add a touch of sophistication, ensuring a truly lavish experience for your guests. With a perfect blend of comfort and style, our linens are designed to make every stay a remarkable one. Create a haven of luxury with our premium linens and show your guests the true meaning of hospitality.

Crafting Uniqueness with Expertise

With a vast amount of experience collaborating with luxury hotels, resorts, casinos, and cruise lines around the globe, we at Poggesi truly grasp the distinct requirements of each venue. Our linens and towels aim not merely to meet, but to surpass industry expectations. Our skill in combining various materials ensures that every item is not only visually stunning but also excels in diverse settings.

A Manufacturer’s Advantage

Being manufacturers gives us a clear edge in the industry. This complete in-house process allows us to uphold strict quality control at each production stage, making certain that every product carrying the Poggesi label meets the topmost standards. Furthermore, our expansive inventory guarantees that our clients can choose from a vast range of products, catering to their specific design tastes and practical needs.

Global Reach and Reliability

Our reach goes beyond borders. Serving a worldwide clients, our products grace some of the most esteemed establishments globally. This broad presence stands as proof of our unwavering commitment to deliver top-quality, regardless of where our products find a home.

Our three decades of experience in the hospitality industry highlight our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. As a manufacturer boasting a vast selection, we’ve met the demands of luxury hotels, resorts, casinos, and cruise lines all over the globe. Our products, shaped with skill and tailored for both beauty and longevity, consistently raise the bar in the realm of living hospitality.