The new stone lamps from HH LUX can be made in a range of elegant stone like marble, granite, slate, and sandstone, and can vary in texture, from polished marble to a hand-painted lampshade in rust colour.

Their lighting range uses contemporary design to showcase the quality of the materials, and natural variations in the stone mean each lamp is unique. The raw yet elegant concrete and slate lamps are a very different look to the warm and beautiful sandstone lamps, each would fit a different hotel decor and style. While HH LUX offers a range of designs, they can also make custom lighting to suit your hotel’s style, needs, and specifications.

HH LUX works with a green profile and sustainability.

The LED light source is included in all of their products, to be sure of low energy consumption by the consumer. They believe in classic and unique craftsmanship, the high quality that comes with Danish products, and the fact that each lamp is unique because it is handmade and because we work with natural stone.

All lampshades are handcrafted and made in Denmark.

For more informations contact: Helle Hollen HH LUX Phone: +45 22 33 84 64 E-mail: [email protected]

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