What was the inspiration behind your company/products and how does this show in your company ethos?

My inspiration behind our company and products comes from my great passion for stone – especially granite. I love nature and have traveled a lot in Norway. When I walk in the mountains, see a beautiful waterfall and beautiful scenery, I often find my inspiration. I have a lot of ideas – but my idea for lamps came up in 2017. I want a unique lamp in my private home – I didn’t want what everyone else had. My lamp should have a touch of personality, simple and elegant, but also raw. At the same time, it should be Nordic and classic. That’s how HH LUX came about in 2018. I was so lucky that my husband loved my idea – he supported the project from the start and is now part of the company. We like to tell the story about our passion and how we handpick our stones form the granite wholesaler.

What is your main target market currently? And what market would you like to grow into more?

My main market is Denmark, where we focus on HH LUX’s branding and our storytelling, then comes Scandinavia and England and later the rest of Europe. We have 2 business areas – one is the stores/webshop in Denmark, England, Norway and Sweden, and the other is the hotel industry – The hotel industry is Denmark, England, Scandinavia and later rest of Europe.Visit has the business area for the shops and Helle has the business area for the hotel industry.

What are your short and long term goals?

In the short term, we focus on our branding and our long-term goal of getting our products in stores and projects for hotels all over Europe – the hotel industry, in particular, is in focus – it is a really exciting area and would like to help show the design expression. One of the long terms is also that We want to expand the company and have employees.

What makes Your business stand out and unique?

Our business is unique because we hand pick each stone for each product. Our product is handmade and we have a raw but still elegant design. We take nature inside the home in a new and exciting way. We are not afraid to try new designs.We have a clear goal and we want to become a brand, people also know in Denmark in the rest of Europe.

Where do your design ideas come from for the products?

I get my design ideas from nature, I see the idea in stone, and when I take a long walk. I am a graphic designer and getting ideas and thinking creatively is part of my DNA. I love coming up with new ideas and getting them out into the world. Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t.

What would you say your proudest moment has been?

On sale, we have a proud moment every time we have a new retailer – but my proudest moment was when we delivered candle holders to Hotel America – a small hotel in Denmark, and afterward, they all said they want our lamps for the suites. We also have such a proud moment when we make a new design, there is a success in sales – especially the “Basalt” models are a success. We are still a small company, so there are many proud moments.

What is your best-selling product and why do you think that is? The best-selling product is our lamps and candlesticks in the “Basalt” model and our “one stone” lamps in black granite.