hemēka® is proud to be now part of Hotel Suppliers.

hemēka® is a leading French CBD Brand, manufacturing all its product with local hemp to create upmarket CBD products.

In a world of stress and fast traveling, being able to offer relaxing CBD product in high standard hotels is a luxury but also a need for the customer.

What CBD can do for you ? 

For athletes or any people susceptible to drug testing, our cosmétics and sweets products are guaranteed without THC. Our infusions contain hemp that may vary in THC content while being under the 0.2% legal limit. Enjoy the calming effect of CBD without afterthought. 

Travel is supposed to fulfill many goals from important meetings to vacations…But jetlag, unknown environment and unplanned events can tarnish the experience quickly. CBD can help soothe physical and mental manifestation of stress and pain, helping you become the best version of yourself during your stay.  

Cosmétics : CBD and hemp oil are a perfect combination for your skin, which is the primal armor of your body. They have antioxidant properties and will appease all aggression or sensitivity your skin is put through.  Carefully crafted in the south of France, our cosmetic range is 100% made from natural products and has the organic label “nouvelle cosmétique”. 

Our balm contains 1.5% CBD and 4% arnica and is perfect to help you reduce the duration of hematomes. It can also be used for local pain. Keep in mind this is our only non vegan product (contains organic beeswax)

Our cream is lower on its CBD content (1%) to be spread on larger areas, as it is specialized to mitigate symptoms of atopical skin diseases (psoriasis, adult acne or eczema)

Our Massage oil is also 1% CBD and is perfect to help you relax your mind and muscles. It can also help reduce recovery time after intense activities. 

infusions: All made from a blend of local and organic plants, with 60% hemp for a maximum of calm. This consumption mode focuses on your digestive tract and helps rehydrate your body. Don’t forget to add fat while preparing the infusion as it extracts cannabinoids from the plant. You can use plant “milk” (soy, oat) or oil (one tablespoon max per mug) We propose 3 recipes : 

The nocturnal adds sage, linden and vervain with hemp to optimize its effect on sleep. Consume a mug 1 hour before bedtime to help you fall in the arms of morpheus. 

The digestive combines hemp with laurel, pepper and sweet mint. As foreign food, allergies or PMS symptoms can disturb your digestive tract in a wim, this recipe is adapted to help you. 

The relaxing is composed of melissa and hawthorne (still 60% hemp). It is our in between option if you wish to drink during the entire day and feel relaxed. 

Candies / sweets 

For all the sweet tooth that also need a little calm. Our products contain 10mg of CBD per lozenge. They are made by a French master confectioner. Our vegan packaging (recycled sugarcane) contains 50 lozenges each. Four tastes are available : honey, verveine pine sap and mint. We recommend 3 or 4 a day maximum but they can easily be shared. We also remind you that CBD should not be consumed by pregnant women or children.