Hotels want to offer their conference guests comfortable and ergonomic furniture for seminars and workshops. The Inwerk Conflex® model is an alternative to the conventional rigid conference table. Electrically height-adjustable up to 1.37 metres, it facilitates healthy movement by alternating between sitting and standing, just like a sit-stand desk. A tangible advantage, especially in meetings that last for hours. The conference table is available in numerous widths from 1.60 to the ultimate 30 metres; the largest version can accommodate no less than 78 people. Conflex® is made in Germany. It is based on the linking of models of the Masterlift® 5 desk, which received the Focus Open, the Baden-Württemberg design prize, for its technical and visual quality. The table top is available in three colours, also with an anti-fingerprint HPL coating. The sloping leg extensions have a striking effect as elegant edging for the lifting columns. They give the table its high stability, even when the table top is raised. With its prestigious appearance and ergonomic added value, this piece of furniture enriches every conference room.