Trying to stay on track with healthy eating whilst travelling can be hard. Between all-inclusive buffets and unhealthy hotel snacks- it can be hard to fully unwind.

Stocking rooms with food and drink for peckish guests is important- but for the most full spectrum solution and satisfying experience, these snacks need to be healthy AND delicious. 

This is where Hotel Suppliers come in. With our bespoke category of healthy snacks for hotels as well as our range of suppliers who offer low calorie luxury food and drink- we ensure that your guests can unwind without worrying about their food intake.


Grenade Protein Bars

High in protein and low in sugar, The Grenade Protein bar comes in multiple flavours including salted caramel, cookie dough and Oreo. Despite their delicious flavours and three layers of coated chocolate, these bars pack a punch of protein with each bite- vital for building muscle and regulating hunger. 

Integrating Grenade protein bars as a part of a balanced diet can help to fuel you for longer and achieve your fitness foals- they are the perfect chocolate bar alternative and a great addition to your guest room offering!




Zooki’s liquid vitamin and collagen supplements make for the ideal in room snack for guests looking for an extra boost. 

Vitamin D Zooki Is a high-strength, on-the-go Vitamin D supplement in a yummy berry flavour. Designed to strengthen your immune system, support your bones and boost your mood during the winter months this snack is great for guests looking to keep on top of their bodily health.

Guests can enjoy Zooki straight from the sachet, in their smoothies, shakes or porridge. These practical little packets make for the perfect guest room snack.  



Herbalea Hemp Protein Powder 

Herbalea’s organic hemp protein powder is a versatile lactose-free muscle building powder- ideal for smoothies, shakes and yoghurts. Made from de-oiled hemp seeds, this protein powder is great for vegans and lactose intolerant guests who want to lose weight and feel reenergised. 

The added potential benefits of hemp include increased brain health, aid for inflammation and even decreasing depression. 




Hemēka Miel and CBD Bonbons

Hemēka’s Honey lozenges are rich in CBD. 100% natural and organic, these hard candies are handcrafted so that the advantages of the CBD can be taken full advantage of whilst offering a deliciously sweet kick. 

With no additives, dyes or gelatine- these bonbons are a luxuriously healthy sweet treat for your guests.