With customers becoming progressively aware of how short term hotel stays are impacting the environment the hospitality industry needs to move to a more sustainable place. Dispensers are a step forward to reducing waste and making way for a more environmentally friendly approach to amenities.

So why should you move to dispensers?

In room amenities demand is reducing, why? Billions of plastic bottles are disposed of each year… with many of these ending up in landfill or the ocean and we NEED to take better care of our environment.

Both InterContinental Hotels (IHG), Marriott International and Hilton Hotels have committed to move to dispensers to eliminate single use plastics. InterContinental Hotels were the first global hotel company to announce they will be switching to bulk-size bathroom amenities – a change to be completed during 2021*. Marriott International expect to prevent approximately 500 million tiny bottles annually from going to landfill; about 1.7 million pounds of plastic **. Plus many other hotels are soon to follow.

The state of California is banning single-use plastic bottles in hotels in 2023 *** and France have begun phasing out single-use plastic since January 1st 2020 ****.

Dispensers are the way forward and here’s why:

Convenience – No more struggling to squeeze the last of the product out of a tiny bottle – dispenser bottles make this significantly easier.

Reduces wastage – You use only what you need and the liquid won’t be wasted, housekeeping can check the level of liquid left through the convenient viewing window to know when to replace, refill or recycle. 

Fit with hotel needs – Refillable and hygienic closed system options available – refillable options use less plastic while lockable fixtures ensure confidence in safety and product purity. All dispensers are recyclable.

Commitment to Sustainability – Dispensers deliver positive eco-friendly image to guests, contribute to conservation initiatives such as the reduction of water, electricity and natural gas consumption. 

A reduction in single-plastic usage is essential and we NEED to take better care of our environment.


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