HVL Group, a company whom we have been working with for just over a year now, are built upon some truly amazing family history… Hudson Valley Group are an incredible company leading the lighting industry with every imaginable style for all areas. Their pieces are luxury and very much ‘ahead of trend’ – offering a diverse range to appeal to all lighting projects. So, let’s find out a little more about Hudson Valley, who’s behind the company and what has contributed to them becoming such a leading brand within the wonders of the lighting industry. The founder of Hudson Valley is David Littman, and from a young age he recognised how beauty could enhance your experience of life. Partnering his passion for luxury and designs, his entrepreneurial spirit presided of nearly four decades of growth for HVL. Even now, David is not sitting behind a desk as the Founder and President of this prestigious company; but rather he is very much involved in a hands on capacity in all operations. David’s history in lighting runs back several years before his birth. In 1939, his grandfather William Littman, was inspired by the fluorescent lighting which was introduced to the mainstream building industry at the New York World’s Fair. By 1947, the Littman family moved out of their makeshift garage workspace and moved to expand operations in the Hudson River Valley. As for David, he burst onto the scene when he was in high school and started working within the warehouse of his father’s commercial lighting factory – though he soon went onto to earn a Bachelor’s in Accounting, he returned each and every summer to complete his share of duties within the ever-growing family business. After graduating with an MBA in finance, David decided to come home and build his career – David soon took the helm of his own business in the Newburgh, NY location where Hudson Valley Lighting continued to reside for the next three decades before moving over to Wappingers Falls. “We design and build beautiful fixtures for people who put quality first—for people who are not willing to trade-off that increasingly rare characteristic.” —DAVID LITTMAN, FOUNDER If you’d like to find out a little more about Hudson Valley, please click here.