Introducing Grenade OREO White, a white chocolate twist on our ground-breaking Grenade OREO bar from UK’s best-selling protein bar brand.

It’s all of the things you know and love about Grenade OREO; a protein dough base loaded with authentic OREO cocoa & a thick crème layer flavoured with genuine OREO vanilla, topped off with real OREO pieces. But now we’ve added an extra indulgent twist: an insanely smooth layer of white chocolate. If that wasn’t enough, Grenade OREO White is packed with more than 20g of protein to fuel your day, and less than 2g of sugar, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and your fitness app! We can only think of one other bar that can do all that… 

So no matter what the day throws at you, get ready to twist up your snacking game… Again… with Grenade OREO White.

Grenade Head of Product, Rob Page, commented: “Our collaboration with OREO has been a fantastic partnership to bring high protein, low sugar snacks to the masses with the authentic flavour of OREO…now the No.1 protein bar in the UK. Having launched Grenade OREO back in January, we are convinced that Grenade OREO White is going to be perfect for those wanting a protein-packed afternoon sweet treat, or those looking to boost their protein around exercise. 

It becomes the 15th flavour available currently on Grenade.com. See here for more information.