Introducing Grenade OREO Protein Bar. The nation’s favourite high protein, low sugar bar, now with the unmistakable great taste of OREO cookies, the number one biscuit brand in the world!

With 21g protein, just 1g of sugar and a whole lot of that iconic OREO flavour, this bar is the real deal. The bar features a creme layer flavoured with genuine OREO vanilla flavour and a nougat centre loaded with authentic OREO cocoa flavour. With this instantly recognisable black & white centre and a taste to match, this is a bar that the most die-hard OREO fans will love.

And if that’s not enough…

Wrapped in Grenade’s signature low sugar chocolate, we have added a topping of real sugar-free OREO cookie pieces; exclusively developed by the masterminds at OREO to maintain our low sugar commitment.

Grenade Head of Product, Rob Page, commented: “After partnering with Mondelēz in 2021, a collaboration with one of their great products was first on our list to go out and get done. OREO was the perfect fit. After 18 months of development, we have landed on a product that combines both brands perfectly, in taste and in nutrition. Our hope is the co-branded bar continues the work done by the Grenade brand, delivering added benefits without compromising on taste, whilst bringing new consumers into Grenade protein bars. It’s not to be missed!”

“We are really excited to partner with Grenade for this exclusive launch, bringing two iconic snacking brands together for a flavoursome and unique product that will surprise and delight consumers“ added, Rafael Espesani, OREO UK Senior Brand Manager at Mondelez International.

Contact the Grenade expert for more details and how to order.