by Nala aim to only use natural ingredients in a bid to help make the world a better place, proving their values of ethical practice and sustainability to be true. They are also making their packaging as eco-friendly as humanly possible, from using sustainably sourced cork lids to only using recycled materials in the packaging. Their glass jars are sourced exclusively from the UK for a much lower carbon footprint, and the plastic-looking labels are actually made from a material which is completely biodegradable. by Nala use rapeseed wax, which is a sustainable and safe alternative, produced in both Europe and the UK. Rapeseed wax is a byproduct from the oil when it is harvested by the plant, and it is completely non-hazardous, sustainable and biodegradable. The wax is completely free from any GMO markers or animal products and does not contain animal stearine, palm or paraffin. Their hand blended pure essential oils have been specifically chosen for their unique therapeutic properties. To support the wellbeing of the consumer, the candles are made using only pure essential oils with no artificial colours, chemicals or fragrances that could harm the consumers health when burned. There is a conscious effort at by Nala to produce as little waste as possible in the candle making process, by exclusively hand pouring in the small batches which are made to order, and the excess wax gets re-used to further the quality control and batch testing. The cork lids that by Nala create are made from environmentally-friendly, high quality bonded cork which is sourced in Europe. The cork forests are ecosystems that are both unique, and provide both a beautiful habitat for wildlife and a living for the workers who live and work in the cork forests. As one of the most environmentally friendly products that our planet produces, the cork is harvested in an extremely sustainable way. The oak tree produces cork in its bark, and the bark is harvested once every 9 years and then regenerates, so the tree doesn’t need to be cut down. There will be oak trees hundreds of years old which are still giving their bark every nine years!