Go bold with Barn Light Electric’s newest collection of oversized lighting! American made from commercial-grade materials, these fixtures showcase meticulous craftsmanship and deliver a blend of style and practicality sure to captivate any space. Easy to customize for large hotels and convention centers, event venues, meeting rooms, and restaurants!

Large-scale light fixtures have the power to dramatically transform any space leaving an unforgettable impression. These awe-inspiring lights command attention with their sheer size and captivating designs that create a focal point, elevating the ambiance and adding a touch of sophistication. Whether suspended in a large lobby setting or gracing a luxurious event space, these impressive fixtures infuse spaces with an enchanting style, making them the ultimate statement pieces for architectural grandeur and artistic allure.

Choose from a variety of handcrafted shade styles to complement your specific brand and décor theme. The Wilcox gives a nod to vintage styles while garnering attention with its deep bowl and sleek lines. For a more modern vibe, the Ellington offers an elevated sense of style with a simple yet creative aesthetic.

Endlessly adaptable and incredibly stylish, the Sinclair’s classic shallow bowl shade is an inimitable addition to any space while the Avalon captures the iconic look of RLM warehouse shades offering timeless style to traditional and contemporary settings. No matter which style you choose, you can customize each fixture with a variety of sizes, finish colors, and other customizing options to choose from to perfectly suit your space. And don’t forget environmentally friendly LED options which cut down on maintenance and energy costs.

Need it bigger? The talented artisans at Barn Light Electric are always up for a challenge. If you need fixtures that are larger than those offered in this collection, our Customer Care and Engineering teams would be happy to discuss the details and specifications required for your specific needs. Contact us via Live Chat from our home page or via email at [email protected].